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Eating Clean at Costco {Shopping List}

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Eating Clean at Costco {Shopping List}

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We get a lot of questions about where we shop, how much money we spend, etc. We are going to do a series of posts on "Eating Healthy on a Budget" but wanted to go ahead and share our updated weekly Costco shopping list (we've shared a Costco list before but it has been a few years since we updated it!).

UPDATE: Here's our first post in the series: How to eat healthy on a budget!

Below are the items we typically purchase from Costco on a weekly basis. We also pick up some smaller items at Publix or Whole Foods Market. We spend around $80-$110 weekly at Costco for the two of us (Scott eats A LOT!).

I've listed the item, price, and the recipes that we typically use the item for. You can find all of our recipes on listed by meal on the website. Follow us on Pinterest so you don't miss a recipe! Also, join our FREE Healthy Living Challenge for more shopping and food prep tips and tricks!

Keep in mind that these are the prices at our local Costco in GA. The availability and pricing will vary.

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Organic Eggs (two dozen and we normally buy two cartons) $6.99

Liquid Egg Whites (6 cartons) $7.99

Organic Chicken Breasts $21.08 ($5.99 per pound)

Lemons $6.59

Tomatoes $7.79

Fage 0% Total Greek Yogurt $6.49

Avocados (6) $6.99

Frozen Organic Blueberries $11.79

Asparagus $5.99

Other items typically purchased at Costco:

I hope this helps make your shopping easier! We also have a Getting Started and Food Prep eBook if you would like to learn more!

- Whitney