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31-Day One Mile Challenge

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 Fitness/Running Challenge: 31-Day One Mile Challenge | He and She Eat Clean


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This challenge is a little different than our previous monthly challenges but that's what we were going for! I know, I know. You might not like running but it's only one mile and this challenge was created as a way to get you moving throughout the day when you might otherwise be sitting. If you are a beginner this is a great way to get started!

We always preach rest days which is why we have included a "walk one mile" for your rest day. This needs to just be a leisurely walk, not run. Take this time to think about your goals and just enjoy nature. It really is amazing what a walk outside can do for your mood!

This challenge was designed to be something that you do in addition to your normal workout (which is hopefully one of our workout plans!). We have 4, 6, and 12 week workout plans for all fitness levels! If you do enjoy running we have plans for you too! Check out our 12-Week Run Builder, Half Marathon Training Plan, and Full Marathon Training Plan! Feel free to re-arrange the days so that your rest day on this challenge lines up with your workout plan rest day.

We worked with Moms RUN This Town on this challenge so you know it's going to be good! Get ready to record your time if you want to see how you improve or just forget about time and technology altogether for this challenge - it's your choice! If you don't have a way to time your runs you can always use mailboxes if you are running in a neighborhood or other landmarks. For example: run the first six mailboxes and walk the next three, etc. When you see sprint instead of run that just means that you are going to go as fast as you can for the listed amount of time and your walk will be your recovery.

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The challenge is only one mile per day so if it lists run two minutes/walk two minutes, you run two minute and walk two minutes until you hit your one mile (no matter how many times you need to repeat). I hope this clears up any confusion!

 Fitness/Running Challenge: 31-Day One Mile Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

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