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Clean Eat Education :: Clean Road Trip Food

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Planning a road trip? Be prepared! Here is our list of go-to Road Trip foods that are clean and will keep the entire family happy and ready for their vacation.


Protein Powder (Chocolate & Vanilla) *read more about protein powder here

Quest Protein Bars (our favorites are Cinnamon Roll & Lemon Cream Pie)

- Tuna Packets or Cans

- Canned Salmon

- Canned Chicken


Dried Fruit (no sugar added)

Brown Rice Cakes

Granola (try to keep sugar under 5 g per 30 g serving)

- Apples

Good Fats:

- Natural Peanut Butter (ingredients should be just peanuts or peanuts and a little salt)

- Almond Butter

- Almonds

- Walnuts

- Pistachios

- Cashews

If you have room to take a bag (FIT Finds :: Coolers and Lunch Bags) below is the food that we recommend because it travels well.


Monster Meatloaf

Salsa Chicken/Italian Chicken

Zesty Grilled Chicken

Protein Bars (All of the recipes for protein bars that we have travel well, just beware: they MUST stay refrigerated or on ice or they WILL spoil!)

Prepackaged Foods:

- Greek Yogurt

- Boiled Eggs

Have Fun & Be Safe!

- The Gang