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"Elevate Your Fitness" Elf Challenge

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"Elevate Your Fitness" Elf Challenge | He and She Eat Clean

This one is going to be FUN! As always adjust to your fitness level, if what is listed above is too difficult cut the reps/time in half. If it seems to easy you can do more than one round!

Remember, this shouldn't be your only workout - you still need to keep up your weight lifting! Use one of our workout plans, our 4-Week Busy Body Plan would be perfect this time of year! You can read all about those here.

Not only does this challenge include what you see listed above but I'm working with Moms RUN This Town to bring you an extra "secret" challenge each day! You will be able to view the extra challenges on our Instagram page!

We have even more secrets in store for you including an entire YEAR worth of challenges to keep you motivated and inspired for 52 weeks straight! To be notified when more information is available please fill out this form.

Interested in more challenges? Try our Santa's Sprint Challenge and Santa's Step-Up Challenge! We also have our Healthy Living Challenge {Holiday Edition}! This is another completely FREE challenge to join where you will have the support of numerous trainers and coaches to help you stay on track over the holiday season! (If you are already in the Healthy Living Challenge Group on Facebook you do not have to request to join again!)

"Elevate Your Fitness" Elf Challenge | He and She Eat Clean