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She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery

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We are SO excited to share our newest premium workout plan with you! After Pam at Moms Run This Town contacted us in hopes of creating a workout plan for runners interested in taking a little break from running and focusing on recovery, the She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery plan was born. 

What You Should Know About the She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery:

  1. The plan focuses on taking a step back from running multiple miles per day. There IS cardio (after a nice short break) built into the workout and we suggest following the workout to a "T" to gain maximum value and allow your body to optimally recover.   
  2. The plan is available in both Gym and Home versions. They ARE interchangeable! We have done our best to eliminate excuses!
  3. Included in the plan are:
    1. 6 weeks of workout plans, including rest days, cardio training and abdominal training
    2. Our philosophy behind the structure of the workouts (Just in case you need some reassurance!)
    3. Logs for tracking your training and weights used
    4. What items are commonly on our grocery list and a sample for timing your daily meals
    5. Information about what to eat before and after a workout
    6. HIIT routines
  4. Equipment needed for the home version includes dumbbells of varying weight, resistance bands, a stability ball and a bench (or a coffee table!). 
  5. You will receive a download link shortly after checkout to retrieve your workout guid

Gym Version of the She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery - $20

Home Version of the She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery - $20

She Sweats 6-Week Run Recovery {Gym and Home Versions} - $35

Wondering if this workout will work for you? Not sure yet? Here are some testimonials from our other She Sweats Workouts:

I'm starting to see my booty is looking nice, tighter and rounder!

It's happening.....SUCCESS! I am seeing the changes. Loving my legs, shoulders -and dare I say it....ABS

I am also a runner (2 marathons, 7 half marathons and a few sprint tri's). Finished the 12 week challenge and now on week 2 of the extreme. DO NOT PAY ATTN TO THE SCALE! People approach me asking me how much weight I have lost. I have lost no weight! I am toned though and have defined arms. This program works. It was mentally challenging for me at first because I was used to the "runners high" and a major cardio junky. However, wasn't getting the results I wanted. This program will give it to you if you follow it. What you eat is also key. Don't give up!!!!

I just finished week 9 thinking I would have lost plenty of pounds. But not a single one. However, I have a fabulous butt, some really nice defined arms and some sexy abs.

I'm just starting wk 9 & a couple wks ago I looked in the mirror, and said "wow"! I'm not to my goals but can definitely see things changing. I haven't dropped a single pound & may have actually put on a couple. It's that switch in your mind set that the scale number isn't always the best. I've also ran half marathons & I feel like I'm stronger, more fit than I've ever been compared to doing them.