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Springtime Workout Essentials

Whitney CarlsonComment

It's getting warmer outside - why not take your workout out there too? No need to sweat it out in a gym while you can use these items below to make the most of your workout while you enjoy the outdoors. Here are my favorite items for getting the most out of your Springtime workout:

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

- I really don't know how I survived without these! They are the BEST addition to my workouts - inside or outside the gym. I lift with them, I run with them, I even walk around the house and talk on them hands free. The audio quality is great and the simple fact of no wires is amazing! NOTE: When running, you may want to wear a t-shirt or a tank with a higher neckline as the headphones will bounce a little and rub your clavicles.

Water Bottle

- The best way to stay hydrated and to drink more water is to have it easily accessible. The proper water bottle will do that for you - something to refill vs. a one-time use bottle that shouldn't be refilled once you drink.

Resistance Bands

- Don't lug multiple sets of weights outside! Pack a lightweight, portable set of resistance bands that are perfect for sculpting your muscles wherever you happen to be!

Thick Exercise/Yoga Mat

- When you are outside, regular yoga mats just won't work - especially the lightweight, sticky kind. You need a little more substance to protect your bones and muscles from concrete and dirt.

What's your go-to Springtime workout essential?