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Pinnacles National Park + San Francisco

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Trip Dates: April 9-14, 2014

We went to California at the beginning of April.  I was able to tag along with Scott on a work trip and he took a few days off so that we could explore the area.  We flew into San Francisco and then drove to Pismo Beach from there with a few stops along the way to hike!

We like to take our own food with us when traveling so that we do not waste money on buying food at the airport OR waste money by having our prepped food go bad by the time we get back home (my lucky sister gets all the food we can’t take!). We like to save our treats for real food once we get to our destination - not just eating whatever is in front of us at the airport.

 Clean Eating on a Plane | He and She Eat Clean

Food we took on the plane:
Boiled Eggs (We did not eat these on the plane though!)
Boiled Chicken
Sliced Cucumbers
Homemade Trail Mix
Quest Bars
Convenient Packets of Clean Protein

Day 1 – Fly into San Francisco (hiked 2.5 miles)
Day 2 – Pinnacles National Park (hiked 11 miles)
Day 3 – SLO/Bishop Peak (hiked 4 miles)
Day 4 – Pismo
Day 5 – Monterey (hiked 8.6 miles)
Day 6 – Fly home from San Francisco

Day 1 {San Francisco}

We woke up at 4 am (after being at the Masters all day Tuesday) to get to the Atlanta airport to make our flight out by 6:55 am. We landed in San Francisco at 9:11 am.  We packed our food and ate some of it on the plane but after the non-stop 5 hour flight (sitting on our butts for that long) we were hungry and very anxious to get off the plane. We tried to find somewhere new and exciting to eat but we ended up at a Whole Foods hot/salad bar in San Francisco!  We also stocked up on some food for the trip while w were there (rice cakes, unsweetened almond milk, and fruit).  After that we checked in at the hotel, rested up for all of about 10 minutes and then went exploring.

First we went to the Golden Gate Bridge and we walked around some of the trails but it was pretty foggy and cold so we didn’t spend much time there.  Next time maybe we can run or bike the bridge.

 He and She Eat Clean in San Francisco, California

Next we went to Lombard Street and after paying $6 each just to ride the trolly 2 blocks we decided we would walk everywhere else. I’m glad we rode it because it was something we wanted to do but didn’t realize we were that close to our destination! We also went to  Fisherman’s Wharf which gave us a much better view of Alcatraz without all the fog! We aren’t really “city people” so we just quickly saw all of the main tourist attractions and made sure to leave time for a hike in Muir Woods.  It was very short (only 2.5 miles) but pretty! We also made a very quick stop at Muir Beach before heading back to San Francisco.

 He and She Eat Clean in San Francisco, California

Day 2 {Pinnacles National Park}

The next morning, we woke up early to leave the city to head for Pinnacles National Park.  It took us about 3 hours (with traffic) to get to the park.  Without much rest we hiked 11 miles in Pinnacles.  We did the High Peaks and Balconies Loop Trail was pretty cool and some areas even had a hand/guardrail so that you didn’t fall off the steep side of the cliff! As usual, we added in extra miles to what we had actually planned on hiking!  We took the long way back which included the Bear Gulch Trail.

 Hiking in Pinnacles National Park | He and She Eat Clean
 Hiking in Pinnacles National Park | He and She Eat Clean
 Hiking in Pinnacles National Park | He and She Eat Clean
 Hiking in Pinnacles National Park | He and She Eat Clean

Day 3 & 4 {Pismo & SLO}

After hiking we drove to our hotel in Pismo where we stayed for 3 nights.  Scott had to work Friday afternoon so we got up early (again) to hike Bishop Peak which was a very difficult 4 mile hike.  It was actually pretty scary getting to last section!

 Hiking Bishop Peak | He and She Eat Clean
 Hiking Bishop Peak | He and She Eat Clean

After he went to work I still had a lot of energy so I ran to the beach (over 3 hilly miles roundtrip) and then hung out by the pool to work (without a swimsuit because I forgot mine)!  All of this was totally out of my comfort zone but I didn’t want to sit in the hotel room all day!

 SLO | Pismo Beach | He and She Eat Clean

Scott had to work Saturday morning so I woke up and got a quick workout in at the hotel gym and then walked to the grocery store to stock up on more food!

We found ourselves in San Luis Obispo more often than Pismo.  I was on this trip 2 weeks before my photo shoot so while I did indulge in a few small things and ate bars and shakes that I normally would not eat 2 weeks from a shoot…we kept it very healthy.  We even ate at the same restaurant 3 times we liked it so much!

Below is a collage of the food I had for dinner on our trip.  Just because you eat healthy doesn’t mean that you have to eat boring food!  I did not feel deprived at all!

 Healthy Eating While Traveling | He and She Eat Clean

Day 5 {Monterey/Carmel}

On Sunday we woke up and headed up the Pacific Coast Highway, making our way to Monterey for the night.

Below are some shots we got along the Pacific Coast Highway.

 Pacific Coast Highway | He and She Eat Clean
 Pacific Coast Highway | He and She Eat Clean
 Pacific Coast Highway | He and She Eat Clean

We stopped for a 3.5 mile hike in Julia Pfeiffer State Park on the way to our hotel.

 Hiking in Julia Pfeiffer State Park | He and She Eat Clean
 Hiking in Julia Pfeiffer State Park | He and She Eat Clean

After eating lunch in Monterey we headed to Point Lobos State Reserve and hiked 5.1 miles. Then we quickly went on the 19 mile drive with a stop at Pebble Beach, of course!

 Pebble Beach | He and She Eat Clean

Monday we woke up and drove to the airport after stopping in Palo Alto to eat at…you guessed it…Whole Foods before getting on the plane!  We had a great trip and I can’t wait to go back to CA – this time to San Diego – in June…just a few weeks away!