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Food Prep + Tough Mudder Training

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Normally we have a ton of food prepared for the week in advance. Not so much these last few weeks. If you follow us on Snapchat (hesheeatclean) or Instagram (heandsheeatclean) you know that we've been doing a TON of yard work since we got back from San Diego. Two weekends ago we had 50 bales of pinestraw, half a pallet of sod, and a ton of topsoil/dirt to spread. This past Saturday we dug up our entire backyard and put out fescue seed. We basically worked from sun up to sun down both days. We both actually really like this type of work but it is exhausting. We've also had a lot going on in other areas of our lives so things are a little more hectic than normal but that is what makes life interesting, right?!

I posted a lot of the pictures on Snapchat but forgot to save them to my phone (Snapchat newbie!) so this is the only one I have! All of this yard work is great training for Tough Mudder too, especially when it starts pouring on you! Saturday night our backyard was basically like our own Tough Mudder course.


So instead of a lot of food prepared for the week, I only had a little time (and energy) to make a few things. This is to show you that not every week is 100% but small efforts add up. It took me less than one hour to prepare boiled chicken, brown rice, asparagus, and chocolate chunk protein bars. I picked this because it is easy to prepare and you can eat it many different ways. I normally use our boiled chicken in Clean Eating Chicken Salad or Savory Chicken Casserole but those take more time than I wanted to spend. We also have TLS Protein Powder packets that we can use as a meal, if needed.

In other BIG NEWS...We are running the Tough Mudder again in ONE week! Tough Mudder graciously offered us free media passes and since we did it last year and absolutely loved it we decided to do it again! You can read about our experience last year here. This year we have a team so we are very excited to have a larger group!

You can learn more about Tough Mudder here

We stay in shape all year long but sometimes we tend to do slack on cardio (ahem, winter months when we don't hike as often). In order to prepare for the Tough Mudder we have been upping our cardio a bit. We started out doing the She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder when we got back from San Diego but recently transitioned into the She Sweats Extreme 4-Week Shred. Although this isn't a race, we need to improve our cardio anyway for our hiking trips coming up. The challenge is not to be taken lightly though, it is 10.8 miles with 22 obstacles! The obstacles for the Atlanta race include things like Arctic Enema (which was brutal last year), Everest, Cliff Hanger, and Mud Miles. Sounds fun, right?!

This was our "before and after" picture last year:

 Tough Mudder | He and She Eat Clean

If you want to follow along, we will be posting a lot of pictures on social media (mostly on Snapchat under hesheeatclean) before and after the race (I'm not taking my phone on those obstacles!). Follow us on InstagramFacebookPinterest, and Snapchat: hesheeatclean

As we mentioned, the event is a challenge, not a race. It is about teamwork above all else, and helping each other overcome their physical and mental obstacles as a team. When Scott and I participated last year we both had to encourage each other through many obstacles. What amazed me though was the support from people we had never even met. It truly felt like a community not a competition. I remember I needed help on the Everest obstacle and some men stayed at the top with Scott to grab me as I ran up, without their help I wouldn't have made it!

Remember to follow us on social media as we share our Tough Mudder experience with you! Check to see if a Tough Mudder is coming to a city near you, it's definitely a challenge that needs to go on your bucket list!

DISCLOSURE: We are receiving free entries to Tough Mudder Atlanta 2016. All opinions are 100% ours.