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Food Prep for the New Year

Food PrepWhitney CarlsonComment

It has been SO COLD here in Georgia. I don't mind the cold weather as long as it will SNOW! I don't want it to be cold just to be cold, what a waste! I can't remember a time that we had snow in December (like actual inches of snow) and such cold weather in January! While we have the gear needed to explore and hike in this weather we've been so busy working on new content for you that we haven't explored much at all since right after Christmas!

Life is sort of getting back to normal with Scott going back to work after three weeks (they close for three weeks in December!) and me getting back into the groove with everything I have going on. We decided to start the first full week of the year off right with a big food prep! We've been doing food prep for over six years now and it keeps us sane. We don't cook during the week unless we just have to and we prefer it this way! It saves money and time. :)

Some of the recipes that are pictured are new so they will be coming soon to the website but I've linked up the others below. Happy New Year!

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Updated 1/28/18 with new recipe links

We hope this inspires you to start your food prep. Keep in mind that small changes do add up and your food prep doesn't have to be extravagant. You can learn more about food prep on this page and also read about our eBook here.