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Eat Clean Meal Ideas That Are Good Cold!

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 Eat Clean Meal Ideas That Are Good Cold! | He and She Eat Clean

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A few years ago when I started my clean eating journey I had NO choice but to eat my food cold. I was an insurance adjuster and I worked out of my car driving all over the state. I packed my cooler each day and set out on my way. I didn't have the option to be picky. It was either fast food (which I refused to do because of my goals and the fact that I'm frugal) or eat the food I packed cold.

Over the last few weeks I've had more and more people contact me about food that is good cold. They are either college students, teachers, or work out of their car and can't get to a microwave or oven most of the time. These questions inspired me to share with you the food that I used to eat cold (out of my car) and actually still prefer it cold to this day!

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Eat Clean Meal Ideas That Are Good Cold!

Pack your food up into a cooler and stay on track all day to reach your goals!

P.S. I've been moving over posts from my personal website that I think fit better on this one. I will be adding more meal ideas to our "lifestyle" section here.