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Clean Eating Transformation

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 Clean Eating & Weight Lifting Transformation | He and She Eat Clean

It has been awhile since we've posted a "transformation" picture but as we were waiting at the airport to return home from Chicago I started thinking about our very first trip to Chicago in 2008. I quickly went onto Facebook to look back at our pictures. The difference was amazing! We were married in December of 2007 and the pictures on the left (in both collages) were taken September of 2008 during our first ever trip to Chicago (and Wrigley Field). The picture on the right was taken just a week ago (May 13, 2016).

  Clean Eating & Weight Lifting Transformation | He and She Eat Clean

We were not overweight when we got married but we gained weight our first year of marriage {obviously}. However, we didn't keep gaining weight. As I mentioned in the "look into our life" post, Scott took a different job closer to home and started investing in his health. By default, we both started eating healthier. The picture below was taken September of 2009. As you can tell we were both much smaller just a year later.


We didn't even really realize we were gaining weight after we got married. We were just eating fast food a lot, working a lot, and basically just floating along in life. ;-) Over the next few years we remained around the same size we were in the picture above from Boston (we were visiting Fenway Park). Scott was going to the gym regularly and I was just being more active in general (I was too shy to go to the gym at first).

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I wanted to share these because it's always good to look back at old pictures to see how far you have come. Although we've definitely had ups and downs we have managed to consistently workout and eat healthy for over five years now. We might not be super lean or even has lean as we have been in the past but we can climb mountains (Even the highest mountain in the lower 48 - Mount Whitney!), we can conquer 12 mile obstacle races (like Tough Mudder), and we can have a "balanced", healthy life.

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As I have mentioned many, many times before we have been able to maintain this lifestyle this long because we aren't too hard on ourselves. We aren't Olympic athletes or competitors so we don't train like them. We aren't too strict on our workout schedule so if something comes up and we want to go out of town - we do - and then we jump right back in when we get back! We typically train similar to the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation and let our cardio be sprints or hiking. We actually really like our workouts, they're not something that we dread.

Just a final piece of advice: don't go overboard. Contrary to popular belief, being "middle of the road" and settling for your best is sometimes the best thing for you. Don't try to do it all, all at one time. It's best to just make some changes for life than to make a ton of changes and only keep them for a few months.

We don't mean that you should come up with excuses as to why you can't workout or eat healthy but just remember that you have one life to live so eat healthy, be active but also live your life. You do what works for you!

Go Cubs! :-)