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Our Top 4 Food Prep Tools

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Things like food prep and going to the gym are part of our lives because we've been doing them for over five years now. We've developed these habits which make maintaining a healthy lifestyle so much easier! We don't even think twice before going to the gym or prepping food in advance. Honestly, I never thought that either one of these would be part of our lifestyle but they keep us focused and moving forward, even when our motivation is waning!

We've talked about food prep a lot and that's because we think it is THE most important thing you can do to start and/or maintain living a healthy lifestyle. Don't let food prep intimidate you - it doesn't have to be complicated. Just start! Sometimes our food prep is huge and consists of preparing 4-5 different things and sometimes it's simple and we only prepare a few dishes. We like to do ours all in one day but if you prefer to cook each day that is fine too! When you cook your meals, make a little extra so that you will have lunch and/or dinner the next day.

As I mentioned before, we've shared many food prep posts and also explained how you can create your healthy living kitchen for under $150! We do firmly believe that you can start/continue eating healthy on a limited budget but for those of you looking for more ways to outfit your kitchen, we wanted to show you all the tools we use almost every single day.

To go from this:

To this:

You've gotta have the right tools!

You can get everything you need to living a healthy lifestyle at Kohl's. Seriously, every time I enter the store or shop online I'm amazed at just how much they have! From workout equipment (We did a post on How to Build Your Home Gym for Under $100) to kitchen supplies, they have you covered!

He and She Eat Clean's Favorite Food Prep Tools

  • Vitamix – Trust me, we had sticker shock at first too but it has been worth every penny, plus more! You can make so many different things in a Vitamix and we haven't even scratched the surface with ours. We mainly use ours for juice (Scott puts all of these ingredients into the Vitamix and it comes out as juice, I'm still amazed.), protein shakes, and nut butters. We use our Vitamix daily.
  • Crock Pot – I don't think I could live without my crock pot. I've made the most basic recipes (salsa chicken anyone?) and many complicated recipes in the crock pot and it never fails me. This is another tool that we've had for years. It's a HUGE time saver.
  • Omelet Pans – Omelet pans seem pretty basic but we've had some omelet pans that were awful. You definitely get what you pay for! We use these daily for everything from eggs to chicken!
  • Glass Storage Containers – After you prep all your food you are going to need a place to store it! Enter glass storage containers. This is another item that we have had for years. It's worth it to invest in a good set of storage containers. We try to use glass when possible but plastic storage containers also work, just try to avoid heating them up in the microwave.

We hope these tools and our past posts help you on your healthy living journey. The new year is a perfect time for a fresh start with new goals and dreams. Although we aren't big on new years resolutions, we do like to take this time to reflect back on the past year and plan out our adventures for the upcoming year. Not much changes for us from year to year, we always eat healthy and train in order to feel our best all the time. We do have some hiking trips planned and I'm sure we will add some adventure races to our schedule too! How do you plan on Making Your Move in 2016?

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