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Outfit Your Clean Eating Kitchen for Less Than $150!

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Think living a healthy lifestyle is too expensive? Think again!

Did you catch our post on How to Build your Home Gym for Less Than $100? We’ve heard from a lot of you, especially those doing our She Sweats At-Home Workouts, that you took the advice and now have a great little workout space!

As you probably know by now, working out will only get you so far. You also need to adopt healthy eating habits in order to really make a complete lifestyle change. No, we aren’t saying you will never be able to enjoy your favorite treats again but we are saying to start making healthy choices while eating. An easy way to do this is by making healthy meals at home. We have a ton of recipes on the site to choose from - many spouse and kid approved (try these breakfast and lunch/dinner recipes)!

In order to help you in this aspect, we've put together a list of items to help you build your healthy living kitchen on a budget! These items will help you #MakeYourMove in the kitchen!

Below are the four items that we use most often. We usually make one slow cooker meal each week and also grill out while making extras for lunch during the week (the George Foreman is great for when the weather isn’t too nice outside!). We prepare most of our food during food prep that way it’s ready to go during our busy weeks. The food scale will allow you to easily portion out your meals until you can eyeball your portions. Storage containers are definitely something you will want to have on hand in all different sizes. We love the glass storage containers because they can easily be heated up in the microwave!


Pyrex Storage - $39.99 

After you’ve built your base of the Food Prep Tools listed above you can add the items below that will make your life just a little easier!

A meat thermometer will take the guess work out of cooking meats. It’s very easy to over-cook meat especially if you forgot to set a timer! Don’t compromise your healthy by eating under cooked meat! We went years without having actual kitchen shears and I wish I could get that time back! They make cutting meat so much faster! You’ll definitely be mixing and measuring many different items so having mixing bowls that also measure are a life saver! Once you start prepping your food you will love discovering new gadgets that make it easier!


Kitchen Shears $15.99 

Do you prep your food in advance each week? Which tools and gadgets make your food prep easier?

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