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The One Thing You Need Before Starting Any Adventure

Whitney CarlsonComment

Sponsored by Zappos

As you know, we LOVE being outside. We just returned home from a hiking trip to Colorado. We take a hiking trip each year and in between those trips we spend as much time as possible outside. Since we are in Georgia, we tend to avoid going outside much in the summer months since it’s extremely hot and humid but we hike and/or ski about nine months out of the year.

One of the most common questions we get is what do you wear while hiking, skiing, etc? It’s a complicated answer but rarely ever changes. That’s why we were both so excited when Zappos/Smartwool reached out to us regarding their #StepIntoComfort campaign.

The one thing you need before starting any adventure is the correct clothing. With the rise in the number of people who are interested in outdoor/adventure sports, we often see people on the trails who are not prepared at all for what is to come or what could come. There’s more than just seeing a picture online and driving to the trailhead. You must prepare for changing weather conditions (no, checking the weather app doesn’t count…mountains create their own weather!). Wearing the incorrect clothing can make what would have been an awesome adventure into a nightmare (believe me, we’ve been there!).


Simply put, we dress in layers or bring additional layers with us. Most of our base layer wardrobe is Smartwool. We have numerous socks, pants, tops, and gloves made by Smartwool. There’s nothing worse than being freezing while backpacking, especially when you are trying to fall asleep! For comfort and safety, layers are important. You want your clothing to be breathable, moisture wicking, odor resistant, quick drying, and non-itchy. Smartwool meets all of these requirements, plus more!

We were excited to both receive the Smartwool Mid 250 Zip Top in the mail. We didn’t have them on our trip to Colorado but once they arrived we put them to the test on one of our neighborhood trails. They are so soft and comfortable – and NOT itchy! The fit is fantastic and pretty true to size as well. These tops can be worn a single layer (like we are wearing in the pictures) in cool weather or as a base layer for cold weather (think layering for winter sports!). The Merino 250 is a 100% Merino wool base layer and Smartwool’s warmest weight fabric. One of my favorite features (besides the non-itchiness) is the flatlock seam that helps eliminate chafing.
To complete your base layer, pair either the 250 crew top or zip top with the 250 bottoms  and a pair of socks! Just find the right shoes and pack for you and you are all set (minus food and water but that’s a topic for another day!)!

While the clothing is amazing, you know we love companies who look beyond just creating a product and selling it. We were so happy to learn that they trace the wool to the farm and ensures that every farm takes care of its sheep, workers, and land!

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