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Legs - Weight Training Workout

Weight TrainingWhitney Carlson2 Comments
 Legs - Weight Training Workout | He and She Eat Clean

I don't know what it is about legs...I just love to train them! I guess it's because we hike so much so I like to have strong legs and I know that leg day helps. This is one leg workout I've been doing, similar to the training in the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation but with cardio bursts added in. You will definitely feel the burn, it usually hits me about two days later!


Back Extensions 3X15

Weighted Side Step Ups 3X12
Butt Kicks 30 seconds

Leg Press 3X12
Swing Thru Lunges 3X12 each leg

High Step Ups (no weight) 3X12 each leg
Wall Sit 30 seconds

Back Extensions 3X15
Donkey Kickbacks 3X12 each leg

Enjoy. ;-)