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She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder

Runners Resources, Cardio/HIIT, Weight Training, Workout PlansWhitney Carlson23 Comments

You read that right! It's our newest workout plan! 

If you love our She Sweats 12-Week Transformation, you will love our She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder workout, especially if you are a runner! We partnered with Moms RUN This Town to create a workout plan geared toward helping you build and maintain muscle while keeping your running shoes laced up. 

What You Should Know About the She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder:

  1. The plan focuses on keeping you running while introducing strength training into your routine. You won't have to give up the miles and pavement (or trails) that you love so much for the sake of strength training. We suggest following the workout to a "T" to gain maximum value and allow your body to work to its full potential.
  2. The plan is currently available in both a gym version AND an at-home version. We have eliminated your excuses!
  3. Included in the plan are:
    1. 12 weeks of workout plans, including rest days, cardio/run training with mileage suggestions and abdominal training. The workout plans tell you exactly what exercises to do, the number of reps and the intensity to which you should be working at. 
    2. Our philosophy behind incorporating weight training alongside your run training.
    3. Logs for tracking both your strength and cardio training, as well as actual weight used and general feelings for the day's workout.
    4. What items are commonly on our grocery list and a sample for timing your daily meals.
    5. Information about what to eat before and after a workout.
    6. 4 HIIT Routines.
  4. The strength training workouts are designed to be accomplished in approximately 45-70 minutes in the gym on strength days - time will vary based on day and segment. Run days will take you approximately 30-45 minutes with 15 minutes of abdominal/core training. 
  5. Equipment required/suggested to complete the At-home version is as follows:
    1. Dumbbells of varying sizes - we recommend at least 2 different size sets.
    2. Stability Ball.
    3. Resistance Bands.
    4. Flat Surface or Workout Bench (Coffee tables work great with a towel to double as a workout bench.)

As with all of our workouts, the workout is available to you for download IMMEDIATELY. There is NO waiting for the program - NO waiting to reach your goals - NO excuses! 

Feel free to comment or ask any questions that you might have. We are so excited about this new workout and we hope that you are too!