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FitBabyFitMom :: Supplements While You are Pregnant

Whitney CarlsonComment

I wanted to give all of you a quick intro to the clean supplements that my Dr. approved for me to take while I am pregnant. Of course, don't take my word for it... before you begin taking any supplements, especially while pregnant, consult your doctor! A simple phone call could save 2 lives!


Prenatal Vitamins - Although you get some great nutrition from eating clean, you and your baby have more needs now than when it was just you. Ditch your daily multivitamin for a easy-to-digest prenatal vitamin. I have had the most luck with no nausea and great digestion/absorption with Rainbow Lite Prenatal Vitamins. I have tried the 6x day variety, as well as the 1x day type, but prefer the once-a-day.


DHA Supplement - Most prenatal vitamins don't contain DHA. This is an ESSENTIAL supplement for your babies brain health and functioning - especially crucial in the 1st trimester! Easy to swallow, I like the companion to the Rainbow Lite family, Rainbow Lite DHA 250 Smart Essentials.


Protein Powders - This is EXTREMELY tricky when determining if you will or will NOT be taking protein powder when you are pregnant. You MUST read the labels on the artificial sweeteners used during the manufacturing process of the powder. While there are some great choices for preggie-safe protein powders, I can only endorse what I have used and feel safe putting in mine and my baby's body. 

For the bulk of my protein supplementation, I try to stick with Jay Robb's Unflavored Egg White Protein Powder. Although it's more expensive than other varieties, it's made with egg whites untreated with growth hormones and pasteurized, and little to no sweeteners. 


For baking purposes and as a "treat" from time to time in my shakes, I supplement with the Jay Robb's Vanilla Egg White Protein Powder. It is also made with egg whites untreated with growth hormones and pasteurized, however, sweetened with Stevia. (Stevia has been approved by the FDA to cause no harm to a developing fetus.) This is a great powder to bake with, although I find that I choose to omit salt in recipes when using this powder because it tends to be a little to salty for my taste.


I hope this helps you! Please remember to consult with your individual doctor prior to taking any of the supplements recommended here or any others not prescribed by your physician.


- Tiffany