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Sunday Shred :: Upper Legs & Backside Routine for Her

Weight TrainingWhitney Carlson6 Comments

You've been asking and we have been listening! Whitney and I do this routine once a week, for three weeks, followed by a fast-hitting legs circuit once a week (more to come on that legs circuit at a later date). This isn't our only upper legs and backside muscle-building routine, but it's one of our favorites - we wanted to share it with you!

Please Note: Before beginning routine, please ensure you are healthy enough to perform such exercises. Also, please adjust weight according to your own fitness levels. Weight suggestions are merely guidelines (we tend to lift additional weight varying with our skill level and intensity). Machine Assisted merely means that we advocate using a machine for this exercise vs. free weights.

Upper Leg & Backside Routine for Her

Warmup: 5 Minute Treadmill Brisk Walk - 4.0-4.3 MPH

Smith-Machine Assisted Squats

  • 20x - No weight warm up
  • 15x - 20lbs ea side (40 lbs total)
  • 12x - 40lbs ea side (80 lbs total)
  • 10x - 60lbs ea side (120 lbs total)
  • 8x - 70 lbs ea side (140 lbs total)

Machine Assisted Prone (Lying) Leg Curls

  • 12x - 75 lbs
  • 10x - 80 lbs
  • 8x -  85 lbs

Machine Assisted Leg Extensions

  • 12x - 85 lbs
  • 10x - 90 lbs
  • 8x -  95 lbs

Walking Lunges with Dumbells

  • 20x (10 ea leg) - 15-20 lbs dumbells ea arm
  • Repeat 2 additional times

Step Ups with Dumbells

  • (Use a tall bench or a Step with 6-7 risers on each side)
  • 30x (15 ea leg) - 20-25 lbs dumbells ea arm
  • Repeat 2 additional times

Leg Press

  • (This exercise is fully realized on a free-weight sled vs. a machine)
  • 10x - 60 lbs ea side (120 lbs total)
  • 8x -  70-80 lbs ea side (140-160 lbs total)

There it is ladies! Remember, adapt this to your own personal strengths, fitness level and needs. Make sure that you vary the routine as well at least every 4-5 times you do it to keep your body guessing.

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