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20-Minute Walking Workout

Whitney Carlson7 Comments

This one is for the ladies only, sorry guys!

Most of us ladies have to deal with that annoying time of the month where not only do we feel, but sometimes look, bloated…add on top of that the cramping and other discomforts and it’s normally a recipe for disaster. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, it tends to interfere with our workouts. Typically the last thing I can want to do while I am on my period is work out. However, I’ve discovered that working out almost always makes me feel better. This isn’t to say that I take a hard class or go for a five mile run each day while I’m on my period, I just do what feels right at the time. Sometimes I might have had it scheduled to do legs and end up just walking around my neighborhood. I don’t know about you, but I call that a win.

I’m not normally one of those “no excuses” type people but I do believe that you shouldn’t let your period get in the way of staying active or living a healthy lifestyle. If you throw all of your cares out the window while you are on your period each month, that really adds up and will definitely affect the time it takes to reach your goals. I want to reach my goals and help you reach yours too! Use the tips below to stay on track during that “time of the month”.

Tips to Stay on Track During Your Period

  • If you crave something, such as chocolate, eat it but think outside the box when making dessert. You can enjoy a piece of plain dark chocolate, make one of our “healthier” desserts (my favorite is our cookie dough!), or even see if eating a piece of fruit will satisfy that craving (you must try our honey glazed bananas!).
  • Commit to walking at least 20 minutes each day.
  • Commit to taking some “you time” each day. This should be outside of the physical activity. It could be as short as five minutes or as long as you can manage. Use this time to just clear your head, paint your nails, take a bath, etc.

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Are you finally ready to change the way you think about working out while on your period? To make this easy for you I’ve created a workout for you to try next time you just don’t feel like working out. The base is a 20-minute walk (or run!) with a few fun exercises in between each walking portion. You can do this at the gym or outside. I would suggest that you do this outside because I really think that getting some fresh air always helps. If this is too easy for you or you are just full of energy during your period, you can always double or triple the exercises listed for even more of a challenge!

The fun isn’t over yet! I have a giveaway for you! All you have to do is comment with what exercise you prefer to do while you are on your period (cardio, strength, yoga, etc.). You have the opportunity to win U by Kotex® FITNESS* Ultra Thin Pads With Wings, U by Kotex® FITNESS* Liners, and U by Kotex® FITNESS* Compact Tampons. *Open to US citizens only - 18 or older. Winner will be selected using random.org. Leave your comment by 11:59 EST on May 14, 2017 in order to be eligible.

I was compensated by U by Kotex®, but thoughts and opinions are my own.