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Choosing the Right Sports Bra for You

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We have all seen those cute little sports bras that look more like something you may want to sleep in vs. something you could actually break a sweat in. They look adorable and for a moment, you may consider them, but will they really give you the support you need to really kick your workout up a notch?

Cup Size REALLY does matter! (Okay, only in the world of buying bras people!) Take this guide along next time you go shopping for a sports bra.

How to Choose the Right Sports Bra

A-B Cups

Smaller chested women can really wear any sports bra, however, the activity type will be one of the most important factors here. Compression-type sports bras are ideal for women with A or B cups - either scoop back or racer back. Bear in mind that you will have more support with a racer back and thicker straps. So if you are running, you may opt for a racer back with larger straps vs. a cute thin-strapped scoop back bra for Pilates or barre class.

Compression Scoop Back Sports Bras
Compression Racer Back Sports Bras

C-D Cups

Ladies that are a little bustier than their A-B friends, will need to pay more attention to the coverage area that their sports bra provides. Women that are a little bustier may benefit from a combination compression and encapsulation sports bra. Again, function is everything when you are thinking about sports bras - wear your most movement minimizing bra for higher impact workouts like HIIT or step aerobics. Keep the lower-coverage bras for lifting weights or yoga.

Compression/Encapsulation Combination Sports Bras

 DD+ Cups

If you are bustier, you may have a hard time finding a bra that actually minimizes your movement no matter what activity you are participating in. For women with larger D or DD and larger cup sizes, the key to your sports bra is encapsulation! You need a sports bra in a high performance fabric that's actually made similarly to your everyday bras - with two molded cups and thick, dependable straps.

Encapsulation Sports Bras

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