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Clean Eat Education :: Our Top Tips for Staying on Track Over the Holidays!

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If you are like us, you LOVE the holiday season.  This includes the smells, the food, parties, family, friends, and cooler weather!  This is definitely a season that should be enjoyed but it is also very easy to get off track.  We want to share with you our top tips to stay on track over the holidays!  Feel and look your best even with the stress of the season! Let us explain...

1. Plan Ahead

- Print off a blank November & December calendar (go ahead & do it now!). Fill in the days that you know you have parties, dinners, shopping, etc.  The days that do not have anything written, fill in a food prep day and your workouts.  Keep these appointments like you would a doctor's appointment.

2. Prep your Food in Advance

- We talk about this all the time but it is even more important this time of year.  We understand that you might not be able to have a full day prep like normal but try to make things that are easier to make instead of some of the more complex meals.  Use your crock pot!  Make

salsa chicken

in the crockpot and large batch of brown rice or quinoa to go with it.  Cut up your vegetables in advance and you will be good to go for a few days!

3. Always have Healthy Snacks on Hand

- For those meals that you cannot prep in advance make sure you stock up on protein bars (our choice would be


) and protein powder for

quick shakes

!  We love

making our own protein bars

but that does take more time than grabbing a store bought bar.  Throw a protein bar, almonds, and an apple in your bag before you leave the house!  If you are out and you don't have anything try GNC or Vitamin Shoppe.

4. Do not Miss a Workout

- You might think we are crazy with this one but what we mean is after you have done step 1 and you wrote down all of your events you should have filled in your workouts.  This might mean that you may have to reduce the number of days per week that you workout but once you write that workout down make sure you do it! Remember, you can also get a good workout in at home (we just released our



of the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation to go along with the

GYM version

).  Even if you don't have time for an hour workout do a quick

10 minute workout

each morning when you wake up!

5. Make Time for Yourself

- You might be shaking your head by now and calling us crazy, again.  Maybe we are - or maybe we just want you to realize that is it okay to take time for yourself!  This means that you shouldn't feel guilty about going to the gym or taking the time to prep your food.  Having everything ready in advance will take some stress off of you - which will be better for everyone in the long run!

6. Adopt a "No Excuse" Attitude

- This means if you are scheduled to workout one day and can't squeeze in the gym do the quick

10 minute workout

.  Stay active!  Prep your food and do your workout when scheduled.


- Like we mentioned, the holiday season should be enjoyed but must be done so in moderation.  Keep your meals clean during the week and get your workouts in so when you do have holiday parties and events you can enjoy yourself!

P.S. You will thank us in January!

- The Gang