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Workout :: Tris and Back Routine for Her

Weight TrainingWhitney Carlson6 Comments

Please Note: Before beginning routine, please ensure you are healthy enough to perform such exercises. Also, please adjust weight according to your own fitness levels. Weight suggestions are merely guidelines (we tend to lift additional weight varying with our skill level and intensity). Machine Assisted merely means that we advocate using a machine for this exercise vs. free weights.

Tris and Back Workout for Her


  •  5 Minute Treadmill Brisk Walk - 4.0-4.3 MPH or take a 5 Minute Ride on the Elliptical

Seated Cable Pulldowns  

Focus on squeezing your back together as you pull downward on each rep. Each cable machine is different depending on your gym. If there is simply a one digit number or plates only to measure how much you are lifting, find out how much each weighs and work accordingly. 

  • 20x - 40lbs
  • 15x - 50lbs
  • 10x - 60lbs
  • 8x - 65lbs

Standing Tricep Cable Pressdowns

Do NOT use your momentum on this exercise - you WON'T see results!

  • 20x - 15lbs
  • 20x - 20lbs
  • 20x - 25lbs
  • 20x - 25-30lbs depending on your fitness level.

Seated Cable Row

It is INCREDIBLY important that you have proper form on these or you can injure yourself quickly and easily. As a trainer at your gym to check your form if you are unsure you are doing them correctly. 

  • 15x - 55lbs
  • 12x - 65lbs
  • 10x - 70lbs

Lying Skull Crushers w/ EZ Curl Bar or Weighted Bar

  • 20x - 30lbs total bar weight
  • 20x - 30lbs total bar weight
  • 20x - 30lbs total bar weight
  • 20x - 30lbs total bar weight
  • Are your Tris Burning Yet?? Good! Here's your last exercise:

Machine-Assisted Seated Reverse Flys

  • 15x - 25lbs
  • 12x - 30lbs
  • 10x - 35lbs

Remember, adapt this to your own personal strengths, fitness level and needs. Make sure that you vary the routine as well at least every 4-5 times you do it to keep your body guessing.