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She Sweats :: The Color Run

EventsWhitney Carlson7 Comments

We completed The Color Run at Atlanta Motor Speedway last weekend.  We are not runners but decided that it would be fun to have color thrown all over us while completed our dreaded cardio.  Plus, we wanted to make shirts for the blog & wear tutu's.  We had a girls night/slumber party & were up until midnight the night before the race trying to get our outfits perfect.  We think they turned out pretty cute!  Our only hiccup was our socks...they are not the ones that we were looking for but oh well...when you live in the sticks you take what you can get.  ;-) (Ghee Whitney - I know there's nothing around here, but wow - just point it out like that! Tiff)

We did not time ourselves but I think we did pretty well for not being runners.  The color zones usually were the only clogged areas.  We did have fun but we were expecting a little more.  We were envisioning loud music playing the entire time, large clouds of color, & a gigantic fan at the end to blow off all the color.  What we got was music only playing at the start & finish, color being thrown from buckets (sometimes), & a person with a lawn blower.  But like we said before, this was our first shin-dig so maybe we were expecting too much.  Next time we will just hit the weight room.

This is from when we were still "clean"...

Showing off our "Color Me Clean" shirts.

And here we are after the color "explosion".  We loved how it made our tutu's looks like they had all different colors of tulle!

And finally the front & back of our shirts.  ;-)

Now, it's onto the next one...The Dirty Girl Mud Run!  Now this one BETTER be fun!

Have you completed The Color Run?  Are you signed up for The Color Run or The Dirty Girl Mud Run? Are you running with us?