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Helpful Hints & Tips!

Getting StartedWhitney Carlson7 Comments

Interested in eating clean?  Read this post first and then come back and read these helpful hints & tips!

We will be posting more hints & tips along the way but here are a few to get you started! 

Helpful Hints & Tips to Start Your Clean Eating Lifestyle

  • Get a Costco or Sam’s Club Membership (we have found that Costco sells more “clean” food than Sam’s but check out both in your area before you purchase a membership).  Click here to view our shopping list for Costco.
  • Utilize your Amazon Account!  Check out their Subscribe & Save discount for items you purchase on a regular basis or for items that are hard to find where you live.  Click here to view our shopping list for online retailers.
  • This was mentioned in a previous post but it is important to point out again…as soon as you get home from the grocery store, wash, chop & divide your vegetables otherwise you may not eat them!
  • Buy a food scale and weigh everything you eat.
  • Buy multiple sets of measuring cups (and spoons) & leave them in the containers of the food you eat often. This makes portion control very easy!  We leave measuring cups in our rice, beans & oat flour!
  • After you have weighed & measured everything, pack your meals in BPA-free containers the night before so you can just put them in your cooler in the morning.  Grab & Go!

Remember, this is a lifestyle and not a diet.

- Scott & Whitney