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How to Do a Plie Squat - Video Tutorial

Exercise TutorialsWhitney CarlsonComment

The Plie' Squat is hands-down one of our favorite exercises for toning your backside, quads, hamstrings, abductors and adductors. That's why we include it in almost all of our She Sweats Workout Plans, in one way, shape or form! It's all-in-one squat! It doesn't hurt that this borrowed dancer move will get you that much closer to your ideal you.

Watch the video:

Simple Takeaway Points from the Video:

1 - Chest Up

2 - Flat Back

3 - Knees and Toes Turned Back

4 - Knees Pressed Back as You Squat Down

5 - Squeeze Glutes and Thighs as You Return to a Standing Position

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