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Lean Legs Elliptical HIIT Interval Routine

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Lean Legs Elliptical HIIT Interval Routine | He and She Eat Clean

The response to our Glute and Thigh Toning HIIT Cardio Routine was phenomenal! I really hope you had an opportunity to try it out and maybe even download the playlist for the workout!

Many of you asked for a routine that you could do on the elliptical versus the treadmill and this week, I wanted to give you just that! Here it is!

Lean Legs Elliptical HIIT Interval Routine

Here are a few things to consider:

  1. I am likely to do this routine on a day I am not lifting since it is 45 minutes long. You are welcome to do it on arm day or chest and back day, but so you don't have to stay in the gym for hours, I would suggest doing it on an off-lift day.
  2. This program was designed for a gym-quality, Precor Elliptical. This is NOT to say you cannot adapt it to your home or other gym elliptical machine. Just figure out your max incline, speed and resistance available and adjust accordingly.
  3. If you cannot do these speeds and/or resistance, NO problem! Work up to it!
  4. DO NOT hold on to the handles or machine itself unless absolutely necessary. You will get optimal results if you focus on using your lower body for the majority of the effort. It is okay to "pump" your arms.

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Enjoy and get your sweat on!

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