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Getting Started Eating Clean eBook

Wish that you could find the helpful information from our website in one document? You asked for it so we created it! Our Getting Started and Food Prep eBooks provide our tips and tricks from the website plus even more information! Starting and maintaining this lifestyle change has never been so easy!

Ever wondered just how you do it? Need it all in one place and one simple to follow guide? Here is our step-by-step guide to living a clean eating lifestyle. Get tips and tricks from He and She Eat Clean for making this a lasting lifestyle change.

Included in this eBook:

  • Define your personality type + goals
  • The basics of the clean eating lifestyle
  • Gear your mind to eating clean
  • Secure your support system
  • Have a social life
  • How to stick with it + ramp up your results
  • Motivation

Buy just one eBook or order them both and save 25%! You can also group them with our 12-Week Transformation or 12-Week Run Builder to save even more!

Note: Due to the digital nature of the eBooks and workout plans, we cannot offer any refunds or exchanges. 

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