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21 Day Challenge

Why Join The 21 Day Challenge?

  • Lose 5-20 pounds*
  • Boost Your Metabolism
  • Kick Your Cravings
  • Break a Plateau


  • Workout plan
  • Meal plan
  • Education to Make a Permanent Lifestyle Change
  • Facebook Support Group
  • Peer Support
TLS 21 Day Jump Start | He and She Eat Clean

12-Week Coaching

Our 12-Week Coaching is for those who need more one-on-one support with a longer time commitment. Fill out the form below to get more information on our 12-Week Coaching options.

Coaching Testimonials

I signed up for a 13-week coaching program with Whitney through TLS.  She was so helpful and encouraging the whole way through.  She taught me how to change the way I eat.  I have struggled with my weight most of my adolescent and adult life.  I have now changed my life style.  I no longer diet.  I eat clean.  I enjoy ‘cheat’ meals, but not often and in moderation.  Thanks to Whitney I’ve adapted to a whole new way to live life and I’m loving it! -Crystle

I love Whitney!!!  Even though, we have never met face-to-face, I consider Whitney a friend and she’s been an awesome coach!!  I first became aware of Whitney through a post on Pinterest and began following her on Facebook and her website (heandsheeatclean).  I was drawn to her because of her honesty, integrity and for the accomplishments she has made in her lifestyle-change journey.  She inspired me and made me feel that making healthy changes in my own life was an attainable goal.

Whitney officially became my coach on July 1st, 2013 and she guided me until late December.  During that time, I lost more than 15 pounds and many inches on my body.  But, more importantly, I like to focus on what I gained during that time:  knowledge on eating healthy/making nutritious food choices, how to exercise effectively and most importantly, a substantial growth in my self-confidence.

Whitney was faithful in sending me weekly emails full of encouragement and ideas/suggestions if needed.  She always made herself available by email, Facebook, text, etc.  I knew that, if I had a question or need, I could count on her for a prompt response and that was greatly appreciated.  Whitney is knowledgeable on supplements, food, exercise, etc. and I trust her judgment.

I have and will continue to recommend Whitney to people who are interested in making healthy lifestyle changes.  In six short months, I have learned a great deal and am confident that Whitney has given me the tools I need to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle.  I am so grateful for her and the inspiration she instilled in me. -Andrea

After participating in the 12 week Lifestyle Change Program, I am happy to report that my weight went from 140-135lbs. I went from a 28 inch waist to a 27 inch waist. I lost another inch and a half from my hips, going from 38.5 down to 37. I am also excited that I lost another two incheslf from my chest and thighs. Whitney Carlson was there for me to answer any questions that I had, and she taught me a lot about making healthy choices. I asked Whitney very specific questions about certain events I was going to, and she provided me with the tools I needed to make good decisions about the food I would eat. I also learned that it’s ok to make mistakes and to forgive myself and move on. Whitney responded quickly to my emails, and she went through my journal entries and provided me with wonderful feedback. I was very happy with the whole process, and I would highly recommend it. – Jennifer

The summer of 2013 was the start of my lifestyle change/weight loss journey. I had made the decision to change my life, and from previous experiences of losing weight in unhealthy and unrealistic ways, I knew I wanted this time to be different and permanent. Whitney was already a friend and I regularly admired her transformation through social media. She posted that she was going to start bootcamp-style workouts on Saturday mornings. I was pumped! The classes gave me the kick in the pants I needed to change my diet too.

After a few weeks of bootcamp, Whitney began coaching me. I loved the TLS supplements (still do) and the nutritional advice and guidelines made sense. They were easy to follow, easy to continue, and were so realistic! I started to see my body in a different light. Sure, I still get on the scale and get excited when the number drops, but I began seeing what my body could do! I loved increasing the weights at the gym, flexing my muscles in the car, and even checking myself out in the mirror! My self-confidence sky-rocketed.

Whitney was/is the best coach. She kept me informed, checked in with me regularly, and inspired and pushed me to my goals. I am now able to live without worrying about my weight, because Whitney, through TLS, gave me the knowledge base to do so.

All that self-confidence led to a baby boy. I used the knowledge Whitney gave me throughout the pregnancy and am back down to my starting figure within 7 weeks of delivery. -Megan

I worked with Whitney for 12 weeks, and along the way, learned a lot about what it means to be healthy.  Growing up, I was always taught that you couldn’t eat more then 1200 calories and you had to workout for hours in the gym in order to reach a goal weight.  With Whitney’s help, I quickly learned the prior to be a myth.  She helped me find how many calories I should be eating, what I should be eating, the times I should be eating, and many helpful tips on exercise.  I loved working with her because I was never hungry, and I always felt satisfied, while getting results.  She is very down to Earth and easy to talk to.  She would always get back to me in a very timely fashion whenever I asked her a question, and still today, almost two years later, she still helps me if I have questions.  The best part about what I learned from Whitney is is how to carry out this healthy living as a lifestyle.  Still today I follow what she taught me, and am healthy.  I recently had a baby three months ago, and have used Whitney’s guidelines from before and have already gotten back to my weight before being pregnant.  I can’t thank Whitney enough for everything she has done for me.  Now, I love to eat healthy, enjoy working out, and have a lot more self confidence.  Take it from someone who grew up in an anorexic household, and someone who has been borderline anorexic herself, Whitney helps teach you how to create a healthy lifestyle that you can feel good about yourself for! -Rachelle

When I first started with Whitney I weighed 183 lbs when Whitney was coaching me I was able to lose 20lbs and reach many of my fitness goals. She was supportive and gave many amazing suggestions of ways I could continue to see success with TLS. She encouraged me to log my food and then would weekly give me ways that I could improve. She was always gave me very knowledgeable information about the supplements that could help to take my fitness and health to the next level.  One of the things that I really appreciated about Whitney was her words of encouragement, I never felt judged if I fell away from my nutrition or fitness goals. But she was always there to encourage me to get right back up and to not give up on myself or my goals. She has been an amazing inspiration to me and in turn I have been able to inspire many other because of the success I had while Whitney was my coach. -Lindsey