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Ways to Save Money When You Travel

Whitney CarlsonComment

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Park ‘N Fly Airport Parking for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

We’ve shared quite a few tips and money saving ideas (here) before but for some reason forgot to mention one of the biggest money saving tips…parking offsite!

Just to recap for those of you who haven’t read some of our money saving posts yet:

  • Pack your own food for the airport and plane (Yes, you can take food through security as long as it’s not liquid. Check with TSA first but we’ve NEVER had any problems!).
  • Get a hotel room/house with a kitchen or at least a fridge and make your own meals at least once a day.
  • Pay attention to fees when booking plane tickets. Luggage fees can add up! Pack lighter so you don’t have to check a bag or if you are traveling with others, try to fit everything into just one checked bag. If you are driving, try to carpool and take the most fuel-efficient vehicle available.
  • Park offsite at Park ‘N Fly Airport Parking!

Read more tips here.

Scott and I always park offsite. It doesn’t take much longer and it’s much less expensive. Our favorite place to park our ride while we travel is the Park ‘N Fly lot. Can I just tell you a little story really quick?! In April we were supposed to fly to California for Scott’s work but there were weather delays that turned into staffing issues that caused our flight to be canceled. To make a long story short, we spent quite a bit of time driving to and from the airport, not to mention the many hours waiting at the airport. We, of course, had parked at Park ‘N Fly. It was really late at night before we returned to our car. We got our car (and free car wash!) and as we were pulling in the driveway at home we get a call from Park ‘N Fly that Scott left his wallet on the shuttle bus. Did I mention we don’t live near the airport?! Luckily, I had a friend (thanks, Kim!) that was able to retrieve the wallet for us but how amazing is it that the shuttle bus driver turned it in and the worker called us. My love of Park ‘N Fly got even better after that experience.

Did you like how I threw in the fact that we got a car wash? Cheap is good. Free is even better. We love the fact that there is a free car wash on our way out of the parking lot (at least at our location – the Atlanta airport!). Some locations also offer valet parking, oil changes, car detailing, and pet boarding…among many other things. Talk about win-win and crossing items off your never-ending to-do list when you return from your trip!

Hear from the CEO himself about what sets Park ‘N Fly apart from the rest! Watch here.

Another way we save money is by buying our Park ‘N Fly passes at Costco. Our Costco carries them and you can get six days of airport parking for $29.99 (that’s less than $5 per day!). If you don’t have a Costco nearby or can’t get to one before your next trip, don’t fret! Park ‘N Fly makes it very easy to prepay and reserve your parking spot online. This ensures that you have a space even if the lot is full plus it saves time so you can get home faster after your trip. That ride back home from the airport always seems to take sooooo long!

I seriously can’t sing their praises enough, before we collaborated with Park ‘N Fly for this post, Scott and I were talking on our way back from Arizona about how pleasant their drivers and cashiers always are. We usually try to give the shuttle driver a large tip because they are so helpful and nice. The driver picks you right up from your car and drops you off at your terminal. When you are returning from your trip, you are picked up and dropped off right at your car. Talk about easy airport parking! Another small touch that we love is the fact that they offer us water on our way out. The small things really do matter. J

Park ‘N Fly is celebrating 50 years of service! Check them out next time you are lucky enough to be flying somewhere! They also have a Frequent Parker Loyalty Program where you can earn one free day of parking for every 7 paid days. Sense the money saving theme here?!

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