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Ways to Save Money When Traveling - At The Airport

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 Ways to Save Money When Traveling - At The Airport | He and She Eat Clean

Maybe you've heard that we are pretty frugal. ;-) We do spend money but we spend it on experiences, not things. We travel quite a bit but save a lot of money when doing so. Saving money starts before you even get to the airport (RELATED: Ways to Save Money on Flights) but resisting the urge to spend money at the airport will help keep your wallet a little fatter until you arrive at your destination.

If you are trying to save money in order to book a flight try one of our money saving challenges!

Ways to Save Money When Traveling - At The Airport

  • Take Your Own Food - Not only will you save calories but you will save a ton of money! We haven't had any problems getting food through security as long as it's not liquid. I did have them toss peanut butter and Greek yogurt once but that's it! I pack up all of the remaining prepped food we have such as boiled eggs and chicken. We either eat it at the gate or on the plane. We've also stopped at Whole Foods and Chipotle before going to the airport to get food to take with us. It's about half the price and much better for you!
  • Take an Empty Water Bottle - Have you seen the prices of water, juice, and soda at the airport lately? They range from $4-$8! We usually have a Blender Bottle with us to mix protein shakes on our trips but they also work as water bottles. There are usually places in the airport where you can fill up your water bottle.
  • Take Your Own Books and/or Magazines - Quickly scan your home before you leave and grab the latest magazine or book that you already have or take one that you haven't read in awhile. Although the airport might not be much more expensive to buy things like magazines or books, there's no reason to spend the extra money when you probably have plenty laying around that you haven't even opened yet!
  • Don't Forget Your "Luxuries" - Always have a master packing list that includes things like a travel pillow and earbuds. Buying these items at the airport can cost you double what you would pay outside of the airport.
  • Skip the Souvenirs - Your entire family doesn't need knick-knacks or t-shirts from your travels and neither do you, honestly. ;-) I'm sure you took many pictures. Those pictures and your memories are plenty. Maybe this is the minimalist in me coming out but just because you are bored in the airport doesn't mean that you need to go shopping and buy things you don't need! Our consumerist society is out of control and airports are no exception. They have basically become shopping malls, enticing bored travelers.

Enjoy your trip and save your money to actually spend once you arrive at your destination!