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Update Doorknobs with Paint

Whitney Carlson1 Comment
 Updated Doorknobs with Paint | He and She Eat Clean

I'm all about saving money - where it makes sense. I would much rather have a plane ticket somewhere than buy doorknobs. People ask us all the time how we save money and it's little things like this that really add up over time. Replacing the door knobs would have been at least $400. This project costs us $36 - a savings of $364.

Scott and I bought our home December 31, 2007 - the same month we were married (December 1, 2007).  We have spent a lot of time in the yard...cleaning out the backyard, re-doing the islands, and laying sod in some places.  We also had most of the house painted as soon as we moved in but other than painting and changing the hardware knobs on the cabinets, we pretty much left the inside the same.

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However, the brass everywhere was driving me CRAZY. Our house had brass doorknobs but to update the hardware it would have been $20-$25 PER DOOR.  We have over 20 doors in our house and I was not going to spend that money on just DOOR KNOBS but the brass had to go.  I saw all over Pinterest (follow us there!) where people were updating their door knobs with spray paint. We were both skeptical but figured what the heck, we should give it a try and if it doesn't work we will just have to buy new ones.  It WORKED and it was worth it!

It's pretty simple, all you have to do is remove the door hardware and spray them with spray paint. We used Rust-Oleum's Metallic Spray Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze. Once they dry you just put them back on!

 Updated Doorknobs with Paint | He and She Eat Clean


  • Set aside a full day and a half for this project.
  • We purchased 6 cans and still have part of the 6th one left.
  • We tried to keep each door together at first but with so many doors it was very difficult. Try to be more organized than us and keep each door together.
  • Find or buy Styrofoam and boxes for this project.  We used the Styrofoam from the new fans we just purchased and they worked great.  You will need these to poke the door knobs and screws into so you can paint them properly.
 Updated Doorknobs with Paint | He and She Eat Clean

It has been over a year since we did this project and they are holding up very well. The doors that are used most often like our door going into the garage and our bedroom door needed touch-ups but we are very pleased and glad we saved the money!

What kind of home renovations have you done?  Were they DIY or did you hire someone?

- Whitney