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Turn Your Dust Collecting Electronics Into Cash!

Whitney CarlsonComment
 Turn Your Dust Collecting Electronics Into Cash!

This post is sponsored by TradeMore. I was compensated for this post.

If you’ve taken any of our money challenges or have read our story you know that we are all about saving money and turning unused items into cash! While you could go out and get another job or start doing something on the side the quickest and easiest way to make a little extra money lies within the things you already own! Trust us, we’ve made over $5,000 this year alone selling things we no longer needed or wanted. Yes, we keep a spreadsheet of this information! ;-)
We don’t like clutter so we either sell or donate items we no longer use. We’ve shared a few easy ways to make money with things you no long want or use and we’re excited to add TradeMore to the list. Ever since I can remember I made Scott trade in or sell his old video games before getting new ones. I didn’t want the old ones just laying around AND I didn’t want to pay full price for the new game either. ;-) The same thing can be done with cell phones!
We were excited after learning about TradeMore because we knew from moving that we had a few old cell phones just taking up space in a box. We bet you have some too that can easily be turned into cash! The process is SO easy, it’s basically just 3 steps!
1. We went to TradeMoreMobile.com and searched for the device we wanted to sell and it gave us an estimated value.

2. Then we answered a few questions about the condition (Can it be powered on?, Does it have cracks?, etc).

3. We entered the required information so that TradeMore could send us our shipping kit.

That’s it!

A few days later we received the shipping kit. All we had to do at this point was clear the phone and send it back using the bubble mailer and shipping label they provided. We shipped it off and are now awaiting our MasterCard Debit Card for the value! So easy!

TradeMore offers the best prices. Payouts on TradeMore are substantially higher than the competition. For example, they are paying over $400 for an iPhone 7 Plus 128 GB while the top competitor pays just $355.

 Turn Your Dust Collecting Electronics Into Cash!
 Turn Your Dust Collecting Electronics Into Cash!

TradeMore doesn’t take just cell phones either they offer competitive prices on a variety of products including tablets and wearables.

Go to TradeMoreMobile.com and see how much you can get for the electronics you have collecting dust!

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