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5 Chipotle Hacks

Whitney Carlson2 Comments
 5 Chipotle Hacks | He and She Eat Clean

Seems like a lot of you were interested in our eating hacks/tips at Chipotle I shared on Instagram and in our weekly recap posts, so I decided to post these in their own place! As you know, when we go out to eat Chipotle is one of our favorites. We normally get a burrito bowl but also get the burrito and tacos occasionally. These hacks will help you get the most out of your Chipotle experience. ;-)

5 Chipotle Hacks

  1. Ask them to put your meat on first (before your rice and beans). You will likely get more because your bowl looks empty.
  2. Get half and half meat, normally you get more. I personally love a chicken/steak combo!
  3. This won't get you more food but ask for half a scoop of rice and beans. Have you seen the size of carbs they give you?! We love carbs but our Chipotle gives at least two servings of rice.
  4. Ask for things on the side. If you do buy guacamole ask for it on the side, it's easier portion control (again, it is way more than one serving!). We also ask for salsa and cheese on the side. We use a little bit and then take the rest home to use for other things.
  5. Sign up for their text and/or email alerts. I normally don't subscribe to emails for sales and such (mainly because I hate shopping and there's nothing else I need!) but for restaurants that I'm going to go to no matter what, I do sign up for alerts. We've received free chips and guac and free burritos multiple times.

Just because I'm asked so many times, I normally get the following when we go to Chipotle. It's the same no matter if I get a bowl or burrito. I order chicken (or chicken and steak) with half scoop of brown rice, half a scoop of black beans, mild salsa, lots of lettuce, and cilantro. I will typically share a guacamole with Scott and occasionally will add cheese (that we asked for on the side!).

P.S. Did you know you can ask for tortillas on the side if you get a burrito bowl? If you are getting a burrito bowl but want to "build your own" smaller burrito, you can ask for a tortilla on the side and make your own!

Do you have any Chipotle hacks to add to this list?