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Tips for a Healthy Fall

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 Tips for a Healthy Fall | He and She Eat Clean

New season, new opportunities, new goals. Now that summer is over, and what most people refer to as "bikini season" (although there's much more to summer than bikinis...), it's time to really focus on our goals. I'm actually not a big fan of summer. We live in GA and it's typically over 90 degrees and VERY humid every single day. Many people become more active in the summer but we actually tend to do the opposite. We don't hike as much and we just generally try to avoid anything outside. During the fall, winter, and spring you can typically find us on a hiking trail and I even like to get in a run or two when the weather is cooler.

All in all, there's just always excitement about new seasons, they provide fresh starts. Personally, this summer was pretty rough for us so we are definitely looking forward to putting the past behind us and will be revisiting some of our healthy habits along with you.

Tips for a Healthy Fall

  1. Write down a 3-month overall goal, along with monthly goals and weekly goals
    • Choose goals that are deeper than physical appearance.
  2. Start a workout routine
  3. Start making small changes to your eating habits
    • Just because you might be faced with a lot of unhealthy food choices over the next few months, doesn't mean you have to give into them.
    • It's definitely okay to eat that piece of pumpkin pie, caramel apple, or a few pieces of candy as long as you don't make a habit of it.
    • You can start small by drinking water instead of sugary beverages, eating a healthy breakfast, etc.
    • Join our 13 to Clean Challenge to learn more about the clean eating lifestyle.
  4. Lighten up some of your favorite recipes
    • When buying canned pumpkin, be sure to buy pure pumpkin and not the mix.
    • Switch out the sugar for an alternative sweetener, even try banana!
    • Incorporate things like sweet potatoes and butternut squash as healthy side dishes.
    • Try these Fall Recipe Substitutions
  5. Don't give up
    • It's okay if you have a few "off days", just get right back on track.
    • It's better to have a few healthy habits under your belt than to get waiting to "start".

REMINDER: Time is running out to join our Fall Workout Challenge. Get all the details here.

Don't keep putting off a healthy lifestyle. Start today!