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Spring Eat Clean Food Prep!

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Clean Eating Food Prep | He and She Eat Clean

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I'm pretty sure that last time I shared our food prep I talked about how crazy life was? Well, guess what? Nothing has changed. From what I can remember since last time, we had to have our heater/AC unit repaired and our hot water heater started leaking INTO the house so we just had to have that replaced (not to mention our dining room is a disaster right now trying to get the floor to dry and make sure there's no mold). However, each morning I wake up and try to stay as positive as possible while still battling some demons inside myself lately regarding body image (updated post coming soon!).

So, for now...take a look at our food prep. We actually had a really good food prep this week and changed some things up since we were able to use the grill in the nice weather. Yes, even - especially when - life is crazy we do food prep. It's one constant and I actually look forward to it each week. 

Once I can get my life - and pictures together - I'm going to post examples of our actual meals using these recipes. I've been taking the pictures but haven't had the time to actually get them posted. I've moved a few meal idea posts over from my personal website onto this one. You can find those here. You can also find our food prep eBook here.

P.S. It's not too late to enter our "Spring into Summer" workout challenge! Learn more here.

Eat Clean Food Prep