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Shoulders + Abs Workout

Weight TrainingWhitney Carlson1 Comment
Shoulders + Abs Workout for Women | He and She Eat Clean

It's been awhile since I shared a new workout! I did this workout the other day and loved it. Next time you go the gym, give this one a try! If you do not have a smith machine or cables you can use dumbbells.

These are straight sets which means you complete all sets and reps of each exercise before moving on (this is not a circuit style workout).

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Shoulders + Abs Workout for Women

  • Front Raise with Weighted Bar (go light) 2 X 20 (warm up)
  • One Arm Side Lateral Raises 4 X 10
  • Shoulder Press on Smith Machine 4 X 10
  • Seated Arnold Press 4 X 10
  • Front Raise on Cable Machine 3 X 8
  • Reverse Crunches 3 X 20
  • Russian Twists 3 X 30 seconds
  • Plank 60 second hold

Enjoy! :-)