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Thinking about purchasing one of our She Sweats workout plans but just not sure yet? Check out these amazing "before and afters" and the testimonials! We want to help YOU reach your goals too!

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This mom of 3 transformed AT-HOME! Find out how she did it here.

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You can find our workout plans here.

"The 12 She Sweats Challenge was amazing!  I lost tons of inches and about 25 pounds!  The alterations lady for my dress begged me to stop!  Lol!  She took in the top about 4 1/2 inches and the waist 6 inches!!!!!!!  I did have to stop being so hard core closer to the wedding for the dress to fit properly but am back on the wagon again. It really has become a lifestyle change for our whole family."

"I didn't do measurements before I started, but in the last six weeks I have lost 13.75 inches. I am excited!"

"I knew I was getting stronger, but really realized it tonight. The gym was pretty empty, so I *may* have been looking at the mirror a little bit... I was doing tricep pulldowns and looked over, and this cut chick was staring back at me from the mirror!! I could see the shoulder muscles engaging and that nice diagonal line of a tricep! Ladies, take a look at yourselves while working out! You'll be impressed at the new you looking back!"

"You know I never weighed myself so not sure on the loss but inch wise it has been a huge difference and I think the biggest thing is how much more toned I look, my clothes look and fit better and my clothes are much looser on my waste but not so much my legs due to the muscle mass I gained… It is the BEST program I have ever done and I have done A LOT of different programs/workouts/classes over the years… this one challenged me the most!"

"I really wish I would have taken measurements at the beginning so I could really see. As of this morning I am down 17 1/2 pounds but I am WAY more muscular than I've ever been in my whole life, so I definitely added a few pounds of muscle. I couldn't be happier with the results I've seen from this program!"

"I look like I have lost weight but actually weigh a few pounds heavier. Major toning!!! I have run marathons and sprint tri's and they never gave me the definition I have after these 12 weeks. People comment on my arms and my husband on my tighter butt lol!"

"I am toned, my stomach is flat (which is a huge accomplishment) and my butt looks sooo much better!"

"Stronger, more consistent at the gym, my arms look amazing and seeing 'cuts' in my legs."

"One month of working out diligently 5-6 days/week and changing my "lifestyle" has proven to have amazing results.... 10 pounds weight loss and 19.25 inches lost in ONE month!! Add the 9 pounds lost the 3 weeks prior to that when I changed my eating habits = 19 pounds in less than 2 months!! I am more motivated than EVER!! Wedding June 2014 on a beach in Kauai, HI.... BRING IT!! Thank you heandsheeatclean.com and this group for great motivation, education and inspiration!!!"

"I'm just starting wk 9 & a couple wks ago I looked in the mirror, and said "wow"! I'm not to my goals but can definitely see things changing. I haven't dropped a single pound & may have actually put on a couple. It's that switch in your mind set that the scale number isn't always the best. I've also ran half marathons & I feel like I'm stronger, more fit than I've ever been compared to doing them."

"I just finished week 9 thinking I would have lost plenty of pounds. But not a single one. However, I have a fabulous butt, some really nice defined arms and some sexy abs."

"I'm starting week 6 and pounds lost are minimal, but tried on a pair of pants that didn't fit 2 months ago do now."

"I am also a runner (2 marathons, 7 half marathons and a few sprint tri's). Finished the 12 week challenge and now on week 2 of the extreme. DO NOT PAY ATTN TO THE SCALE! People approach me asking me how much weight I have lost. I have lost no weight! I am toned though and have defined arms. This program works. It was mentally challenging for me at first because I was used to the "runners high" and a major cardio junky. However, wasn't getting the results I wanted. This program will give it to you if you follow it. What you eat is also key. Don't give up!!!!"

"I only lost 6lbs total, but I lost 12 inches and gained strength!! It will be worth the work, I promise!"

"Super excited to have lost 14 pounds and 15.5 inches in 6 weeks! 6 more weeks to go! This program is da bomb!"

"It's happening.....SUCCESS! I am seeing the changes. Loving my legs, shoulders -and dare I say it....ABS! I still have a way to go until my goal (my deadline is May 28th) but I am positive I will get there! Keep going girls!!"

"I'm starting to see my booty is looking nice, tighter and rounder!"

"Just wanted to let you know that I am LOVING the 12 Week Gym Transformation. I'm in the middle of week 7 and am seeing some great muscle definition and my husband is noticing as well. I am super proud of myself for sticking with clean eating since New Years, this is the first time I have ever stuck with something this long based on what I want to do, not what someone else wants me to do. :)"

"Week 8 done!! I was already seeing a difference in how my clothes fit, inches lost and increased energy (and I've been sleeping great!), but saw a change on the scale this week! I love this plan!"

You can find our workout plans here.