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Non-Scale Victories: Ways to Measure Your Progress

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 Non-Scale Victories | He and She Eat Clean

I hear from so many people who get so discouraged with the scale. Normally I send them a link to the scale project that I did a few years ago. If you haven't read it yet, please do (here's a link)! I've never really been a scale person, I just never cared. Before I went to the doctor a few weeks ago, I hadn't known my weight in TWO years! Weight is just a guide and you should not weigh yourself more than weekly, and I really suggest monthly.

So, if you don't weigh yourself, how are you supposed to measure your progress? Well, you can look at yourself and possibly see changes (but even then it's hard for us to see changes ourselves) or you can think about how you feel now compared to when you started. I've come up with a list of my favorite non-scale victories so that next time you are discouraged you can take a look at this list and check them off as victories!

  • Loose Rings - This is one that I noticed right away. My wedding ring would start sliding off my finger and I finally had to get it re-sized!
  • Better Sleep - If you are eating healthier and working out, chances are that you are sleeping better. Sleep is VERY important, just as important as eating healthy and exercising (maybe even more).
  • Clearer Skin - At first your skin might do the opposite of clearing up but after your body adjusts to the changes to your diet and lifestyle your skin should start to clear up. It's a win-win!
  • More Energy - Fueling your body with healthy food, quality sleep, and exercise will do wonders for your energy levels. I'm not saying that you won't need the occasional caffeine but overall you should feel more energy.
  • Loose Clothing - Do your pants seem to be getting longer? It's probably because they are getting too loose in the waist! This means that you are losing inches but it might not translate with a lower number on the scale.
  • Lift Heavier, Run Longer and/or Faster - When you go to the gym if you can lift heavier weights (with proper form) or run longer and/or faster than when you started, you should be proud of yourself!

One last bonus NSV (non-scale victory) is that you may find that you actually start enjoying exercising and eating healthy!

Now, if you aren't seeing any of these NSV's or scale victories maybe it's time to be honest with yourself. How hard are you working? Have you really changed or have you just been thinking about it? If you are confused about where to start, check out our workout plans (RELATED: 5 Reasons Why You Need A Fitness Plan).