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NEW ECOOKBOOK: Baby Eats Clean {and toddlers too!}

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 Baby Eats Clean | Hettman Homestead | He and She Eat Clean

Last weekend we officially launched our newest eCookbook - Baby Eats Clean {and toddlers too!}! We believe we should provide our children with the tools to live well and thrive beginning at an early age. Our goal is to make feeding your little one simple, healthy, and as stress free as possible.

Kenzie, from Hettman Homestead, and I have been working on eCookbooks for you (with our first one being the FREE Fit Festive Foods eCookbook) when, one day, she sent me a text that said "What about a baby food cookbook?". I immediately replied in all caps "YES".

Kenzie has two adorable little kids so she has a lot of experience making baby and toddler food! However, not only does this eCookbook contain recipes but it also contains informative information such as: What is the most efficient way to make homemade baby food? What are the benefits of making it yourself? When can you introduce new foods? What foods should a baby never eat?

The book includes recipes for every stage, beginning with infancy and ending with preschoolers. The layout makes it easy to navigate and breaks down your child's eating schedule into simple stages.

  • Broken down into 4 stages (from baby to preschooler)
    •     Stage 1: 12 first foods in individual purees
    •     Stage 2: 7 puree combinations
    •     Stage 3: 7 puree combinations
    •     Stage 4: 15 recipes
    •     Plus, 3 dessert recipes and a fruit & veggie teething pop recipe
  • How to Use This Book + Endless Combinations to Make on Your Own
  • Daily Meal Examples
  • Full Page Recipe Pictures
  • Facebook Support Group

Limited Time Price: $9.99

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