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Life is short make it count. #4

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 Day one or one day. Your decision.

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I'm kind of going backwards here to start off the week but I think this is important. On Friday I met one of my friends for lunch. I think we met at the gym, I'm not really sure but she used to come to some of the group fitness classes I taught. Anyway, she wanted to chat about a business she had started but didn't really know how to get it off the ground. The main thing I felt was holding her back?! Perfection. She didn't want to post anything until her pictures were perfect or she had everything exactly the way she wanted it. The biggest piece of advice I gave her, and now I am giving you is to JUST DO IT. There's a reason that's well known slogan.

WE hinder ourselves. WE get in our own way. WE hold ourselves back.

This world is not perfect. It will never be the perfect time, the perfect picture, the perfect body, the perfect marriage, the perfect kid, the perfect house, etc. What we see online is, more often than not, not real life. You might think you are seeing everything but you aren't. If you truly feel being pushed towards something you must just go for it! I could hold myself back time after time because my food pictures SUCK and it's my own fault because I don't spend that much time on them but I still post the recipes. Should I or could I do better? Yes, but right now that's not a priority for me. If I have a recipe I want to share, I want to share it! I could always go back and re-photograph something. I could hold myself back because I'm not as lean as the next "fitness blogger" but I'm finally cool with where I'm at. I'm able to maintain what I consider a healthy lifestyle and I can climb any mountain I want. That's all I care about. If I waited to share anything on this site until I had a six pack we would all be dead. ;-) I've had visible abs show for maybe one day of my whole life.

Something else holding her back was what people thought (or would think) of her and her business. She does AMAZING works of art with wood and hand painting. She was afraid someone might not think they were good enough. I've quoted this before, and I'll say it again here: "Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner." -Lao Tzu.

 Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner. -Lao Tzu

Am I saying I am perfect? Far from it. Sometimes I have to say these things out loud to someone else just so that I can hear it. Whew, that was a lot longer than expected but you get the point. JUST DO IT. Nothing is perfect so stop waiting for the perfect opportunity! P.S. Here is a link to her Etsy shop and Facebook page if you are interested!

Scott was out of town (in Montana) at the beginning of last week. For some reason, we didn't exactly think it through far enough to realize that he could have flown out late Friday/early Saturday and I could have gone too! We didn't book a flight for me since he was only gone for three days and we wouldn't have very much time to spend exploring. Part of me though is mad at myself for letting the cost of a plane ticket deter me from going. This is something that I've tried to overcome the last few years and have in many ways, but looking back I wish I would have gone. I can't say yet what the trip was for but, I mean, it's Montana and Montana is amazing. ;-)

Since Scott was out of town early Monday through late Wednesday, our food prep was a little different. He packed some items to take with him on the plane (bars, rice cakes, pistachios, etc.) and I made the food I wanted...which was Mahi Mahi. ;-) I also re-made our cinnamon roll recipe slightly and had those when he got home. I'll post the updated version soon but here is a link to the older one (there's nothing wrong with them, I just wanted to use more of the ingredients I had on hand). I also have quite a few more recipes I hope to post soon. Lately, I only have time to barely make food, so I haven't been able to photograph anything. But they are coming soon! Speaking of new recipes, did you see the guest post yesterday? You can try this salmon recipe for dinner this week!

My dad came up on Tuesday for us to go hiking and it was just what I needed to get outside for more than 15 minutes at a time (which I do with my neighborhood walks). I feel like I've been stuck inside doing things to list our house for months. We didn't take the right trail so we ended up not doing the one we wanted but it didn't matter. It was still awesome! It's been so cold and windy or either raining here on the weekends so Scott and I haven't braved the elements lately to hike, plus we've had a ton of stuff to do around the house! I'll be so glad when we downsize and we won't have to put so much time into a house that we don't even use half of. Here's a picture of my dad and Buddy, his white german shepherd. My dad hiked over 1,200 miles of the Appalachian Trail a few years ago (he's in his 60's)!

 Hiking in GA

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 Clean Eating at Costco

Remember you can visit this link for our shopping lists.

Grocery Shopping:

Costco #1 (total $104.67):

  • Organic Kale (2 bags at $4.49 per bag) $8.98
  • Mighty Greens Juice $6.69 (on sale)
  • Canned Organic Black Beans $6.79
  • Canned Organic Diced Tomatoes $6.49
  • Cage Free Liquid Egg Whites $8.99
  • Cage Free 5 dozen Eggs $8.59
  • Organic Chia Seeds $7.49
  • Cottage Cheese $4.99
  • Organic PB Fit $11.99
  • Avocados $6.99
  • Organic Whole Wheat Tortillas $5.59
  • Organic Coconut Oil $18.99

Costco #2 (total $61.38):

  • Waters $4.99
  • Organic Kale (2 bags at $4.49 per bag) $8.98
  • Baby Bella Mushrooms $4.49
  • Wild Tuna $14.99
  • Ground Bison $19.99
  • Mighty Greens Juice $6.69 (on sale)
 Clean Eating at Publix

Publix (total $47.49):

  • Unsweetened Almond Milk (2 at $2.25 each) $4.50
  • Tangerine Juice (recipe coming soon!) $3.99
  • Lindt Dark Chocolate (2 at $2.79 each) $5.58
  • Halo Top $5.49
  • Ezekiel English Muffins $5.35
  • Ground Chicken Breast $5.29
  • Avocados (2 at $2 each) $4.00
  • Colby Cheese $5.69
  • Sweet Potatoes $4.18
  • Skyr Smoothie $1.99 (on sale)

* I used a coupon for the almond milk ($1.50 off 2).

Dining Out (Scott dined out while he was in Montana but I'm not sure of the total):

  • Cotton Calf - small local restaurant ($16.84): spinach salad with chicken and blue cheese (lunch with Sarah)
  • Diablo's ($18): 2 burritos bowls with chicken, Scott's with extra meat

Food Prep:

We also did another smaller food prep when Scott got home:


Like I mentioned, I'm doing the workouts from Run Builder but modifying for hiking, not necessarily mile for running. Also, since Scott was out of town at the beginning of the week I just took a few classes in place of my normal workouts. It's just what I felt like doing at the time. ;-)

  • Monday: 1 mile walk + Bootcamp Class + 10 min stair running at home
  • Tuesday: Cardio/Weights Class + Yoga/Pilates Class + 2 hour hike with my dad (around 4 miles)
  • Wednesday: OFF - walked a little less than 2 miles around neighborhood
  • Thursday: 2 mile walk around n'hood + Upper Body workout + 20 min treadmill (5 min sprints + 15 min incline)
  • Friday: Lower Body workout + 10 min at 6% incline, 3.3 mph
  • Saturday: Piyo + 40 min cardio
  • Sunday: OFF

Items We Sold (total: $206.70)

  • Sporting Goods (Facebook yard sale group): $75
  • Clothing (Plato's Closet): $101.70
  • Monopoly Glasswear (eBay): $30

Items We Donated:

  • Tons of linens (again, why did we have so many sheets?!)
  • Storage items
  • Curtains
  • Curtain rods
  • Luggage
  • Clothes
  • Picture frames

Until next week, have a good one! Let us know if you ever have any questions or comments! I've loved hearing from you about the updates! Click here to read all of our updates.