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Life is Short Make it Count. #25

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Hiking Pickens Nose in Franklin, NC

Hiking Pickens Nose in Franklin, NC

I don't know if I've mentioned it here before but I've been having neck and head pain since April. I thought it was from Six Flags and then moving the next weekend and then from stress. I've been to the chiropractor and have had massage therapy and needling therapy. Some days it's bearable and some days it isn't. I'm hard headed and didn't want to go to the doctor but finally did two weeks ago. They took X-rays and I was told my C2 and C3 vertebrates are fused and have been since birth. This is causing my neck and head pain. I actually went for my first physical therapy session today and have some relief. I'm scheduled to go again on Thursday. Let me know in the comments if you have ever had anything similar. Thank you to everyone who has already reached out on when I posted on Facebook!


This update covers quite a few weeks (oops!) but my cousin, Trent Sizemore (of Trent Sizemore Photography), and his wife were just in town from Montana. His artwork is on display at a college in north Georgia and they had a reception for him, so cool! I posted all of his pictures on our Facebook page so check them out here.

I went up on Friday to view it and also spend the day with my sister to help her plan the wedding. Then Scott and I drove back up Saturday to hike with Trent and Kaitlin. We ended up doing three hikes, two near Franklin, NC and then decided to go into the Smokies and we did Andrews Bald there.

Also, people loved our idea to give out glow sticks for Halloween! We bought ours on Amazon and paid less than $20 for 300 glow sticks! Here is a link (affiliate link) to the ones we bought.

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I just started week 7 of the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation. Last week wasn't my best because my neck was really hurting me and I was super busy so my workouts were all over the place.


As far as my neck pain and working out, if I'm having an unbearable day, I will usually take a rest day or just walk. Most of the time it's fine when I'm in the gym or doing cardio. For upper body days I just take it easy and watch my form and the weight. I will always skip something if it doesn't feel right.

Since my last update we've hiked Blood Mountain twice and I also did a short solo hike before my doctor's appointment in Dahlonega.

Hiking Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Hiking Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Hiking Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Hiking Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Hiking Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia

Hiking Blood Mountain on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia


I started using my Instant Pot that I've had sitting in a box for OVER a year! :) I also posted our first recipe using it. Of course, it's boiled eggs! Check it out here.

Other than that things are about the same. We've been making mostly familiar foods but Scott has also been smoking chicken in our Kamado Joe grill. YUMMY!

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Until next week, have a good one! Let us know if you ever have any questions or comments! I've loved hearing from you about the updates! Click here to read all of our updates.