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Life is Short Make it Count. #21

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 Awesome '80s Run 5k

We're having hiking withdrawals. We haven't been hiking since August 5th when we went to the Smokies! I've been trail running with friends a few times but it's still not the same. We probably won't be able to go this upcoming weekend either because the weather looks terrible but that could always change. We do leave for our two-week hiking trip next Friday but we're still looking to squeeze in a hike or two here before we leave.

On Sunday (August 20th) we were going to travel to North Carolina to my uncle's house and I was going to stay the night to watch the eclipse but we decided to not go and deal with traffic. Neither one of us were in the mood and I'm glad we didn't go! Traffic was a nightmare in North Georgia and we had a pretty good viewpoint from where we live. Although it wasn't totality, I had fun with my neighbors and Scott was able to see it at work.

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On August 19th I ran a 5K with some of my neighbor-friends. I didn't decide to run it until the morning of because I wasn't sure if we were going out of town or not. It was an 80s themed race. We did the best we could with our outfits with it being last minute but they were not as 80s as they could have been! I had a pony/unicorn thing on my socks with rainbow hair that tickled me when I ran. I also didn't make the best decision to wear capris in August in Georgia. Oh well. I did it and I finished first in my age group! Actually, everyone in our group placed. It was a blast! I was proud of myself and everyone else too!

Other than the race, I'm still going to boot camp and walking with my friends. Sometimes we run but we at least walk daily. I went to the gym with Scott last Saturday and really enjoyed lifting weights like I normally do. I like boot camp but I can't wait to get back in and start lifting heavy again. When we get back from our trip I'm going to start the She Sweats 12-Week Transformation which will take me basically into the new year!

 Awesome '80s Run 5k

Home Updates

We had our new shadow boxes/chair railing painted and had the living room painted an accent color. While the painters were here I decided to also have them paint under our island and the inside of our front door. We are in love! As you can see, our design is just kind of all over the place but we love it. The pictures from our travels are basically all over our walls and it just took on an outdoor adventure type theme. It fits us perfectly!

 Living Room in Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray
 Kitchen Island Painted in Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

The inside of the front door being painted is literally my favorite thing ever. I never knew that I would love painting a door so much! You can see that Rambo and Lucky love it too!

I posted these pictures on Instagram Stories and a few people asked me about the colors. The main wall color is Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams and the dark gray we had painted is Gauntlet Gray also by Sherwin Williams.

 Front Door in Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

This past weekend we finally make some of the art that I've been eyeing for months! The wall next to our fireplace needed something on it. We couldn't really ever agree on anything but once I saw a picture on Pinterest I knew that we had to have it! Plus, I've been wanting to paint something and do some of the artwork ourselves. It looks great with the new dark gray walls and hides the switch for the fireplace. I'll do a tutorial on it soon!

 Living Room in Sherwin Williams Gauntlet Gray

These updates are getting longer and longer because I've been slacking on sharing them! But I have one more update and it's a yummy one! Honestly, I don't follow or watch boxing, I don't like to see people get hit or hurt. However, we went over to our neighbors to watch the fight on Saturday night. A lot of the 'hood came over and we had a great time! We took over pistachios and finally made brownies with the mix that Now Foods sent over a few months ago.

Disclaimer: NOW Foods sent us the mix for free to try out!

I didn't tell anyone they were "healthy" because I wanted to see what the reaction would be. Everyone who tried one loved them! They were all gone, with many people eating multiple. I was waiting for the right time to try them because I knew if I made them for just me and Scott that we would eat them all ourselves and I definitely didn't want to do that. I'm glad they were put to good use and lots of our neighbors are now Now Foods Organic Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix Fans! All you have to do is add an egg, hot water, and oil (we used olive oil). It contains no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or hydrogenated oils. It is also made without the 8 major common allergens!

You can buy the brownie mix here and try for yourself!
 Now Foods Organic Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mix