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Life is short make it count. #2

MinimalismWhitney CarlsonComment
 It's hard to remember to live before you die. It's hard to remember that our lives are such a short time. -Modest Mouse

It's only my second week doing this and I almost didn't get it finished! Seriously, I can't believe how crazy life is right now. I've totally been slacking on my social media (especially Instagram) but every free moment I've had has been going into getting our house ready. Our agent came to take pictures and we plan on listing it within a few weeks. There's a reason why we can't list it yet but I can't share that right now. ;-) Where we are going after this is up in the air! I used to hate uncertainty but I kinda love it right now.

While I was going through items in our house, I counted that we had over 31 cups, NOT including blender bottles. THIRTY-ONE! There's only two of us in the house and we barely ever use more than 4 different cups. Needless to say, this week we took a TON of stuff to donate.

So basically my week consisted of cleaning, purging, and more cleaning and purging. In between that, I've tried to keep up with the website. ;-) It would be easier to just pack everything up but I refuse to move things that we never use and will never use. I am willing to take the time now to go through and only take the things we use and need. We've lived in this house for over nine years so it's been awhile since we went through this process.

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I don't have many pictures of the following, but I promise all of it did happen! :-) We even made a new recipe this weekend, which was AMAZING. I'll be posting it soon. It's my new favorite.

Grocery Shopping:

 Chicken sale

Old picture but the same thing happened this week, Springer Mountain Farms chicken was half off so we bought as many as possible! We always stock up with our staple items are on sale.

Publix ($34.10):

  • Ezekiel English Muffins ($5.35)
  • Sweet Potatoes ($2.57)
  • Springer Mountain Chicken (on sale so we bought multiple - $22.69)
  • Pure Tangerine Juice - recipe coming soon! ($3.49)

We didn't have time to go to Costco but I will be going tomorrow (Tuesday). :-) We still have meat and some vegetables from our last Costco trip.

We brought back salsa chicken! We haven't made salsa chicken in FOREVER and it used to be a staple every week. We ate it on tortillas with rice or quinoa and more salsa on top and it was delicious.

Food Prep:


I decided to start the Run Builder program. I kind of re-arranged some of the days, but that's okay. :-) I can't wait to share how much this improves my cardio for hiking. Although I don't run that often (only when the weather is awesome!), the Run Builder makes my hiking legs so much stronger! I'll still be sharing how my mile time improves though when the time comes.

  • Monday: Arms + 20 min cardio (10 minutes of sprints at 10.0 MPH & 10 minutes incline at 15%)
  • Tuesday: 1 mile walk + Back + 25 min cardio (mostly incline treadmill)
  • Wednesday: 1 mile walk + Legs (no cardio)
  • Thursday: OFF - 2 mile walk (1 mile in the morning & 1 mile in the afternoon)
  • Friday: 1 mile walk + Chest/shoulders + 20 min cardio (10 min treadmill + 10 minutes stair climber)
  • Saturday: Piyo class + 3.36 mile run
  • Sunday: 3 mile run + 1.9 mile walk

* The weather this past weekend was AMAZING so that is why I spent so much time outside running/walking. It was in the low 70s and perfect, plus it was a great way to take a break from all of the housework! We didn't have time to go hiking because we were in a hurry to get the house put together for pictures but I was still happy to spend time outside.


Items We Sold (Total: $764 - total since the beginning of the year: $1,146):

  • Guest Bedroom Furniture (friend): $500
  • Monopoly Games (Facebook yard sale group): $84 (I used to "collect" these)
  • Sporting Goods (Facebook yard sale group): $130
  • Disney DVDs (Facebook yard sale group): $50 (I also collected these)

Items We Donated:

  • TONS of kitchen items
  • Home decor signs
  • Clothes & shoes
  • Movies
  • Graphing calculators - seriously, why did we still have these?!?!

The song "Lives" by Modest Mouse came on in the car today so that inspired my quote for this week. Think about it:

It's hard to remember to live before you die. It's hard to remember that our lives are such a short time.

Until next week, have a good one! Let us know if you ever have any questions or comments! I've loved hearing from you about the updates! Here is our update from last week.