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Since the last time I posted an update, we've had two major storms roll through our area...one is actually going on right now. Good thing I'm already in the basement! :) The last one cut off our power for over 12 hours, thankfully my cousin has a generator so we hooked up the fridge. One of the major highways going through Atlanta also burned and collapsed...so that's fun. Both sizes of highway 85 are shut down for months. It should make for a fun trip to the airport the three times I have to go there this month! The good news is no one was injured, which blows my mind as it happened around 6:15 PM, rush hour traffic in Atlanta.

Not much has changed with us, we are still waiting on our closing date of April 14th for our new house. I faced my fears and went to a different gym closer to my cousin's house. I HATE going to new gyms, especially alone, but was happy when I got there and I was only the 3rd person working out. We also bought season passes to Six Flags so we went there on Sunday. It reminded me of being a kid, I used to go all the time. Ohhhhh and I got my hair cut...or I should say trimmed since it doesn't look much different, for the first time since August. :) I suck at selfies and I'm not sure why I decided to wear black and my hair is basically black...you could tell better with the picture on my phone but my hair is basically to my butt. It grows SO FAST. I think it has a lot to do with nutrition, quality supplements, and not drying it every day or using a lot of heat on it.

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 Hair Growth

I've been to the gym a few days each week but prefer to just go hike. I'm loving the new trails I've found...even if the pollen count has been outrageous lately! Want to go swim with some pollen?!

 Buford Dam Lower Overlook

And just because it's cute...I don't think that Rambo hates it here...


Alright, so I told you I would share more about what we are eating and how we grocery shop now that we aren't living in our own home. I keep meaning to take pictures of our <much smaller> grocery store shopping trips and I don't ever remember until after I've put everything away. :)

P.S. Visit this link for our shopping lists and this link for ways to save money grocery shopping.

Before we moved out, we tried to use up everything that we had and limit our grocery shopping. We did a pretty good job but still had to bring a lot of stuff over. We do have a small fridge in the basement with us too so that helps. Instead of the large Costco trips we used to make and stocking up on chicken and other items when on sale, I've been going to the store more often in order to avoid taking up too much space.

When we first moved in we went and bought some items that we don't eat very often but still enjoy like Amy's frozen burritos, Van's frozen waffles, and things of that sort. We have much more room in the freezer so this was an easy call for us to make. I'm not kidding you when I tell you that since the entire time we've lived in my cousin's basement we've eating salsa chicken and bison every week. We are those crazy people who actually prefer to eat the same thing butttttt when we are in our own home we do have a little bit more variety. This just allows us to keep it simple here. We do eat out more often than normal but get things like Whole Foods salad bar and Whole Foods sushi.

Every few days I will buy eggs, sweet potatoes, chicken, bison, and kale. Other items that we've been eating more frequently are things like protein bars and shakes. We also keep rice cakes, nut butter, hemp hearts, and other easy snacks. We have basically been eating like we do while we are on vacation. When we travel we always have food with us but don't have our own large kitchen so it has been similar to that experience. A little adjustment at first but overall it works!

In other news, while all of this moving and temporary living is going on I've also been working on our taxes. I'm the kind of person who actually prefers to do it all at one time. We have an awesome CPA but I need to get everything organized for her. So, I'm trying to do our taxes out of moving boxes. We do have an extension but I want this off my mind ASAP!

As if moving and taxes are not enough I also had to renew my personal training certification. I'm hoping once we get moved in life will calm down a little but I don't see that happening until May! We will be in CA until Tues, AZ the next week, and Scott goes to NC while I go to Chicago the week after that!

Until next week, have a good one! Let us know if you ever have any questions or comments! I've loved hearing from you about the updates! Click here to read all of our updates.