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Introducing the NEW He and She Eat Clean!

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We hope that you have been loving the new design of the website! The design went live in August but we've been working every single day since to get the links and pages working correctly and optimizing them so that it is easy for you to find what you are looking for! This post will help you navigate the website and learn about some new projects we have coming soon!

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Coming Soon

1. Our 21 Day Challenge has officially opened! It's called a 21 Day Challenge but you can start at any time! Fill out this form for more information.

2. eCookbooks are coming soon (and maybe a free mini one REALLY soon)! You can fill out this questionnaire so we can make sure we deliver exactly what you are looking for! Take a sneak peak at the photos below!

 Cranberry Sauce | Hettman Homestead | He and She Eat Clean
 Pomegranate Mojito | Hettman Homestead | He and She Eat Clean

3. We recently released our half and full marathon training plans and also have plans to release a "Faster 5K" program in January!

He and She Eat Clean Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot recently to get pictures to use on the website and had a great time! We didn't "diet down" or really prepare for this photo shoot at all. We wanted you to see real people with real lives! You will see these pictures throughout the website and you can also view a few of them below.

How to Use the Site

We've updated almost every page on the website (including a major overhaul of the fitness and shop pages and added a new supplements page)! We added a search bar on each page so if you are having a hard time finding what you are looking for you can use the bar to search!

Our posts are categorized under each page. You will see pictures like the ones below that you can scroll through to find what you are looking for! Our Most Popular Posts and Recent Posts are located throughout the site!

As always, contact us with any questions that you have!