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Chest Exercise - Incline Push-Ups

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 Chest Exercise: Incline Push-Ups | He and She Eat Clean

There are many different variations of push-ups. You have the regular push-up, incline push-ups, decline push-ups, and even wall push-ups. You even have different variations on the push-ups! For the regular push-ups you can do them on your knees or your feet. I recommend doing as many as possible - with proper form - on your feet and then switch to your knees to finish. Here I wanted to explain how to do an incline push-ups which you will see in many of our workout plans.

 Incline Push-Ups | He and She Eat Clean

Chest Exercise: Incline Push-Ups

How to perform incline push-ups:

  1. Stand in front of a sturdy platform (a bench that won't move)
  2. Place your hands a little wider than shoulder width on the edge of the platform
  3. Keeping your body straight (don't let your bottom sag or stick up), lower your chest to the platform
  4. Return to the starting position (arms straight) in a controlled manner