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Hiking Blood Mountain - Being KIND to Ourselves + the World

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We are often asked about healthy snacks for "on the go" and one of our favorites is KIND bars. We take them when we travel, when we go hiking, and I always have at least one in my purse in case hunger strikes. There are many bars on the market but many of them are basically candy bars with a little bit of added protein. We are pretty particular about the bars that we consume, especially when hiking. We look for something that will give us the energy we need but without all the junk. We fell in love with the STRONG & KIND line of bars a few years ago once we spotted the honey mustard flavor. We've since turned many people onto the bars! My favorite is the Honey Mustard and Scott's favorite is Jalapeno.

We can't just stop at putting good food into our bodies, it's also important to be KIND to our bodies through exercise and KIND to our communities and world around us. We are KIND to our bodies through exercise. As we've mentioned before, we don't live in the gym. Any chance we get we are on a trail somewhere! We love our weight training routine but also love getting out into fresh air! Not only is hiking exercise for us but it's also a way to escape the daily grind and rejuvenate at the same time.

A few weekends ago we hiked Blood Mountain (which is on the Appalachian Trail) with some friends. We always take a plastic bag to pick up trash as we hike and we were pleasantly surprised to have only found about four pieces of trash on our six mile hike. Maybe the cold weather scared some people off (the trail was even still icy!) or people are being more conscience about their actions.

Once we reached the summit of Blood Mountain we took a short break (short because it was so windy and cold that we didn't want to stop long!) to fuel up with KIND bars before the hike back down.

After getting off the trail we ate lunch at a restaurant in Dahlonega, GA. Although, the fried foods and desserts looked great we opted for a salad with grilled chicken on top. It was SO good! It also had cranberries, apples, and blue cheese. Nourishing your body with quality foods after exercise is an important factor in recovery! We do indulge in our treats but we usually make those ourselves at home or enjoy some dark chocolate, like we did when we got home after the hike.

After our hike we started thinking more about being KIND to our communities, Scott and I decided we would spend a little bit of time the next day picking up trash along the road in front of our neighborhood. There's been a HUGE box on the side of the road for weeks that I have wanted to pick up. We decided to get it and also take some extra trash bags to pick up the litter around it. Only covering 1/8 of a mile we filled the entire empty box that was already out there and another large trash bag! We've decided that we are going to spend a few minutes each weekend and pick up trash around our community.

How do you plan to "Live KIND. every dayβ„’"? What will you do to be KIND to your body, taste buds, and world? Check out the kindsnacks.com blog to get some ideas from the KIND team to see how they Live KIND. every dayβ„’.

P.S. You must try the Blueberry Vanilla & Cashew KIND bar! It tastes like a blueberry muffin!

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