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The Workouts:

Routine Option #1:

Bis and Chest Workout (for her)

Upper Legs & Backside Routine (for her)

Tris and Back Workout (for her)

Shoulders, Abs & Calves (for her)

Routine Option #2:

Leg Day!

Chest & Tri Day!

Back & Bi Day!
Shoulders & Ab Day!


Beginner Cardio Treadmill Interval Workout (27 minutes)

Glute and Thigh Toning Treadmill Cardio Workout (35 minutes)

Lean Legs Elliptical Interval Cardio Workout (45 minutes)

Row Your Way to a Sexy You Rowing Interval Cardio (35 minutes)

Spin Your Way to Slim! Indoor Cycling/Spinning Interval Cardio (35 minutes)

Backside Trimmer Treadmill Interval Cardio Workout (40 minutes)
Cardio Commotion (30 minutes)

Triple Threat Cardio :: Elliptical, Stepmill, and Treadmill Workout (50 minutes)

"Take a Hike" Butt Blaster Workout (40 minutes)
Build + Shred Cardio Routine (33 minutes)
Incline Butt Buster Cardio Routine (30 minutes)

At-Home Heart Rate Blaster (30 minutes)

Calorie Burner Treadmill Interval Workout (28 minutes)

40-Minute Intense Calorie Blasting Cardio Routine (40 minutes)

Full Body/Cardio:
12-Minute Rise & Shine Workout

8 Moves You Can Do on the Beach to SCORCH Calories!

Beach Body Bootcamp Workout
Core Countdown Circuit

Outdoor Toning Circuit Workout
Star Spangled Sweat-Off

Labor Day Sizzle

The 10 Minute "Wake Up" Workout

Post Holiday Workout Circuit

10 Minute Cardio Circuit

Lunch Break Workout Circuit

Christmas Tree Circuit Workout
Gobble 'Til You Wobble Workout Circuit

Fall Inspired Outdoor Workout

Upper Body Routines:

Bis and Chest Workout (for her)

Tris and Back Workout (for her)

Shoulders, Abs & Calves (for her)

Chest & Tri Day!

Back & Bi Day!

Shoulders & Ab Day!

Jello Arms Workout Circuit
Right to Bear Arms

Lower Body Routines:

Great Glutes - Leg and Glutes Circuit Workout

Upper Legs & Backside Routine (for her)

Shoulders, Abs & Calves
Leg Day!

Spaghetti Legs Workout Circuit

She Sweats Killer Leg Day

Combat Abs
Flat Belly Circuit

Shoulders, Abs & Calves

Whittle Your Waist with 5 Different Planks {plus 2 Cardio Planks}!


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