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Eat Clean Weekend Food Prep

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Eat Clean Weekend Food Prep | He and She Eat Clean

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I know it's only Monday but it's never too early to start talking about the weekend, right? We have posted many other food prep examples but we are always asked what we eat over the weekend. It's actually quite simple - we eat the same things we do during the week! We normally do a food prep on Sunday and another smaller one on Wednesday or Thursday. Many weekends we are off hiking but if we are at home we do try to continue the same schedule.

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I wanted to share a picture of what our food prep looked like for over the weekend. The picture above is what I prepared on Thursday since I knew we would be at home over the weekend. Our prep is smaller than normal since we cook a few meals at home that we eat right away (not prepped meals) and we normally eat out once a week which is usually on the weekends (Chipotle is one of our favorites!). 

I made Clean Eating Chicken Salad, Chocolate Chunk Protein Bars, Banana Bake (recipe coming soon!), and boiled eggs.

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