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Detox Your Nutrition: March

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 Detox Your Nutrition: March

MARCH. 2018. The fact that it is already March of 2018 blow my mind. The beginning of a new month means the beginning of a new challenge! If interested, we also have a Full Body March Madness Fitness Challenge here.

The entire goal of our Detox Your Life Challenge is to improve a different area of our lives each month. It's okay if we don't accomplish ALL of our goals; however, we will take much pride in tackling the goals we set and use those accomplishments to build momentum in tackling our remaining goals as the year goes on.

Last month, for the Detox Your Money Challenge, our goals were to:

  • Opening a new savings account to maximize the interest we’re earning (check!)
  • Categorizing our grocery receipts to help drill-down on wasted expenses (nope!)
  • Reviewing our retirement investments to ensure we’re saving enough for retirement (check!)
  • Reviewing the new changes to the tax code to identify incremental income that can be poured into savings and take advantage of new opportunities (check!)

I (Whitney) have been super busy over the last few days (weeks) getting everything ready for our taxes and Scott has been really busy at work. While we wish we would have been able to better analyze our receipts, we were pretty happy with how we didn't waste any money during the month of February and how we were able to open our new checking and savings accounts (that came with a $500 bonus!).

Again, just because a new month is upon us doesn't mean that we are going to completely forget about our January fitness goals or our February money goals. We will continue with our previous goals and simultaneously move forward with our nutrition goals!

Wondering what all of this detox stuff is all about?

Take a look at the concept behind our Detox Your Life Challenge here.

Let's take a simpler approach to nutrition this time, shall we?

High carb. Low carb. High fat. Low fat. High protein. Low protein. Juice cleanse. Cookie diet. Grapefruit diet. There are so many buzz words being thrown around that it makes my head spin! I have a feeling you feel the same way!

We're going to simplify nutrition for you: Eat Real Food.

Get started with these steps:

  1. Read Getting Started with Clean Eating
  2. Read 8 Things You Need to Know When You Start Eating Clean
  3. Download our FREE 13 to Clean Challenge and/or take a look at our 1,500 Calorie Meal Plan

Keep in mind that just because your sister, brother, best friend, and/or co-worker lost 25 pounds on a certain diet doesn't mean that same thing is right for you. Just because you see it on Facebook or hear about it on a TV show also doesn't mean it's right for you.

Keep things simple. Our bodies need all nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Choose lean protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthy fats.

So, what will we be working on this month?

March is a really busy month for us (big news coming soon!) and to top it off we travel to Arizona at the end of the month but we will keep nutrition at the forefront of our mind.

  • Do an entire food prep each week
  • Drink our apple cider vinegar detox water every day
  • Try to incorporate vegetables into breakfast
  • Drink at least 64 oz of water each day
  • Limit added sugar
  • Eat out twice per week, max

Looking for ideas for your own challenge?

Need to write down your goals with pen and paper?

We do too! We have a simple printable for you! You can print it in color or black and white and then just fill in whatever notes or goals you need to jot down. Get it here.

Reminder: Make sure you are signed up for the Detox Your Life Challenge emails so that you know when a new challenge is released or we have something fun to give you like a new printable!

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